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Buyers’ Remorse: Americans Think Trump is Bad at Almost Everything

Buyers’ Remorse: Americans Think Trump is Bad at Almost Everything

Juan Cole

The vast majority of Americans in a new Quinnipiac opinion poll do not believe that Donald J. Trump is level-headed or shares their values. Of course, this is only one poll, and likely the plus or minus swing is 3 or 4 percent. But actually the findings are so decisive in most cases that that wouldn’t matter. Qunnipiac showed Trump beating Clinton last summer, so you can’t accuse them of being biased against him.

“Even so-called mavericks like John McCain have not voted against Trump even once” is fair warning to all of us to not fall for the myriad of good cop /bad cop theatrics the GOP and many complicit Democrats have practiced and performed for many years.

Trump’s high profile racism and other stunts are the sideshow contrived to distract us from the evil actions that theocrat VP Ayatollah Pence, House Speaker Eddie Munster, and the Senate Majority Turtle are preparing to launch against us. They pay zero attention to any stinkin polls, only to their corporate paymasters’ commands.


Ray if we were closer, I’d say we should get together for a beverage. It seems we both spend more than enough time on this board :slight_smile:
But I almost always agree with you, amigo.

great. more people are beginning to see, i hope, what a POS trump is. but he’s the tip of the iceberg. bannon, pence, miller, and so many more are also evil men; in fact, they are even more sinister and evil that the narcissist in chief. they are bona fide fascists. the process of impeachment can’t purge this administration and help out amerika. so now what do sensible folks want to do?

Polls, schmolls, although for once I’m apparently in the majority of something. I’m an old, moderately conservative white man who thinks handing the keys of power to this bizarro cartoon of what an effective reform candidate should have been is going to be a fatal mistake. As another inevitable 9/11 rears its scary head, there’s a blustering autocrat in the White House, his twitchy hand only inches from the nuclear football. Since he’s an uncontrollable ass, he’s got an entire embedded plutocracy plotting against him, while another even more greedy and shortsighted faction salivates and grovels at his gold-plated feet, waiting for all the annoying and expensive controls on their rapacious and destructive business acumen to be “drained” from the “swamp” so they can get busy raping what’s left of the nation and planet. I’m sure America would continue suffering and sliding into entropy under another Clinton administration, but the clinically insane Trump, by clumsily jerking a rabid bull around by the horns, is just accelerating the timetable and planting the seeds for some sort of apocalypse (sorry about all the mixed metaphors). Meanwhile, we’re all yelling at each other and calling each other names, while our clueless youth are lining up on both sides of a lost cause, either hitting the streets with useless pieces of cardboard or absorbing the BS of modern-day P.T. Barnums like Milo what’s-his-name and his former boss Bannon trying to game the system. There’s really nothing to be done about any of this except sit and steam … and maybe sing. https://soundcloud.com/biff-thuringer/to-america

Could be wrong, but do these polls ultimately mean anything at all?
Note how Drumpf’s 42% (or so) rating is deemed low; the low ratings are never, say 10-20%. THAT is low.

Cole has done better, and ought to.

Those who did not vote for Trump did not. Those who did often did not particularly like him. The numbers Cole shows here do not show much of any shift in attitudes. That shouldn’t be a surprise, a month or so into a presidency, but you would not know it by commentary.

It would be wonderful to get past the really awful election to get to resisting the really awful leadership. But this sort of thing, failing to take the party to task for its errors and pretending that there was no particular reason that anyone might not vote Democrat, does not cut it. The Party has to own up and root out the globalist mafia, or it is just no longer an option for most of the population.

This sort of rhetoric from someone whom I have respected falls worse than flat. I suppose Cole is trying, but I don’t know what.

WTF is wrong with you, Mr. Cole? “We” didn’t “elect” Trump. He LOST by 3,000,000 votes. “We” didn’t destroy Bernie Sanders, (who consistently polled higher than Hillary or Trump) in order to nominate the worst possible candidate instead of the best. And finally, the election was STOLEN!! by the Republinazis. Have you not heard of Greg Palast by now? Crosscheck? Voter suppression? Caging?

Unfortunately the macho types think he is just great, and are already campaigning for 2020!