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Buying (Bogus) Badges, Playing (Deadly) Cops


Buying (Bogus) Badges, Playing (Deadly) Cops

The saga of the killing of Eric Harris in a Tulsa sting operation by Robert Bates, a rich old guy who liked playing cops and robbers and wore "a badge that was bought not earned," just keeps getting sketchier. Multiple reports of the sheriff's office falsifying his training records have surfaced even as a rambling Bates has come forward to say the shooting was the second worst thing to happen to him after getting cancer - failing to mention it was probably the worst ever thing to happen to Eric Harris, who's like, you know, dead.


MURDER. The appropriate charge is MURDER in the second degree. One appropriate punishment is this rich old guy’s money be taken from him and distributed to families of victims that have been MURDERED by cops… no need to use the word “pigs” anymore; COPS is now made derogatory in and of itself.


In an African safari, you only get to kill animals.


Even In the wild, wild West, shooting an unarmed man was an instant invitation to the gallows- Shooting an unarmed man in the back wouldn’t even be considered remotely defendable-Hang him high!
And yes, there were many A black cowpuncher, ranch hand and the occasional gunman, and also the Buffalo Soldiers…


This is beyond tragedy … It’s revealed an extraordinarily high level of cronyism and unprofessionalism in law enforcement that non-police officers can act in the role of a police officers to fulfil some childhood fantasies. It’s like NASA offering the pilot’s seat to wealthy donors on a spaceship to Mars … Are such folks going to be commanding US troops in next war … so they can enjoy killing people without sanction? It’s difficult to fathom why the national response is so muted? Today, NPR had a nauseating piece on the mental anguish of cops who kill. Next, we’ll have a Frontline investigative special on how Pol Pot, Hitler, and Sadaam Hussein suffered mental distress with every death that they caused.


Robert Bates not knowing the difference between a gun and a tazer seems disingenuous to say the least. Unless of course, Mr. Bates is getting senile. If he was genuinely sorry, that could explain his sorrow. Maybe he can plead insanity as his defense!


If Bates is indeed senile then the excuse would be lack of capacity, not insanity.

Of course, in that case, the Sheriff would have to explain why an incapacitated person was not only deputized but also allowed to carry lethal weaponry. Not that doing so would cause the Sheriff any grief because he seems to be making this stuff up as he goes along.



He probably mistook the gun for the taser since he HAD NO TRAINING. Could have been the first time he had actually felt the trigger. Let’s home a civil suit takes everything he and the sherrif both have


Should be “let’s hope”


Thanks for reply. My post was written as satire, because only an insane person could claim to be sorry for shooting a man in the back in cold blood.