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By Almost Every Measure, Trump Making Life Worse for Working Class


By Almost Every Measure, Trump Making Life Worse for Working Class

Robert Borosage

Donald Trump has ginned up a continuous din in his first four months as president, with each outrage or grotesquerie immediately followed by another.


Makes you think that Trump isn’t really deciding policy and is having his strings pulled by those he appoints to offices and departments that he probably has never even heard of.

Trump has a big mouth and waffles back and forth as well as betrays his own words and promises but the question is increasingly just who is making Trump into a bombastic figurehead? Trump doesn’t seem up to the demands of the job and is now coasting by (already no less) while relying on the decisions and wishes of others.

“You’ll want to sign this!” Said his advisors.

“Okay!” Said Trump…and then he asked what it was!


I’m getting the impression they (Trump voters) are starting to catch on


I agree. Trump recently when asked about the new “Trumpcare” that recently passed the house he could only stammer word salad, implying that he himself doesn’t know what is in the bill exactly.


So glad you think so!!!
Please continue to share your insights!!!


The monarchical socio-economic class-driven, racially divided battle lines have become a lot clearer.
The lack of the true democracy, executed to create the great depression, briefly abated by the new deal worn down by neo-liberalism, has all its cracks under the spotlight.

The curtain has been drawn.
But we can’t go back to Kansas anymore.


Great video.

I notice that at about 3 min. the cop pokes his head in, to make sure that the CONGRESSMAN is OK.


O M G seriously?
You continue to remain deluded as ever.


That part of the working class who voted for Trump (and the narcissistic liberals who refrained from voting on “principle”) deserve what they get.