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By Barring Me And My Fellow Activists, Israel Is Further Isolating Itself

By Barring Me And My Fellow Activists, Israel Is Further Isolating Itself

Ariel Gold

As BDS grows, builds and succeeds, Israel becomes more and more desperate to contain it.

"Over the last seven decades, as Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands has expanded, Israel has met criticism of its widely understood illegal actions by refusing entry to more and more activists and critics, to include Jews like myself." (Photo: Stephen Melkisethian/flickr/cc)
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A settler hit her and told her to “go to Auschwitz.”

But the supporters of Zionism will be around soon to tell us about the Palestinians standing in the way of peace.

I don’t support theocracy in Iran or Saudi Arabia or Raqqa. And I sure as hell ain’t supporting one in Israel.


So let me get this straight… She wants people to boycott Israel, and then she gets upset that she can’t violate her own principles and visit Israel.


Meanwhile, Vice-President Pence is planning to remake Washington DC as Peshawar-on-the-Potomac. The chickens are indeed coming home to roost.


My understanding of the BDS movements tactic is that they want people and institutions to Divest from Israeli businesses or other businesses that include production in West Bank settlements; to support international Sanctions against Israel; and to boycott products made in West Bank Settlements. Thus, Ariel Gold and others who visit relatives in Israel are not in violation of the principles involved. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has also publicly stated that he supports a boycott of products arising from the settlements but not products from Israel in general.



You are correct.

Whether Israelis admit it or not, they are destroying the prospects for a viable two-state solution, one illegal settlement at a time.

Demographics being what they are, this one-state solution that Israeli leaders are blindly marching towards will not be a Jewish one.

The well-intentioned can try to stop this Israeli behavior with concrete disincentives like BDS, or continue to play coy until it’s too late.

Perhaps most importantly, we cannot lecture the dispossessed about non-violent alternatives, and then undermine them when they adopt such alternatives.


Notwithstanding the false bravado of Zionists, their entire existence (including settlement building) is completely dependent upon their overseas trade and massive US aid.

That is why they spend so much time and money fighting to defend this life line with their hasbara here and elsewhere (even in Israel).

They understand that once BDS gets going like it did with South Africa, they’ll have to learn to get along, rather than continue to dictate and be belligerent.

The irony here is that those working the hardest to get Israel to stop settlement activity with these actions are actually the ones trying to save the two-state solution, and those blindly supporting the status quo are racing to a one-state one.

Demographics being what they are, that one-state won’t be Jewish.

Go figure.

Ariel - thank you for your commitment and courage!!!

That means she can’t visit the Palestinian activists in their own land because Israel controls it. So she wouldn’t be violating her own principles at all if she could visit them.

Except that, while in Israel, it is going to be awful hard not to spend money there that support Israeli businesses. You’ve got to eat and rent a place to sleep. (although this would be a good alternative - in Bethlehem: http://walledoffhotel.com/ )

But generally, any proper boycott should include a travel boycott - as I wish our Canadian neighbors would do with respect to the US.

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There is something idiotic about someone who promotes boycotting Israel then complaining that Israel is forcing her to boycott Israel.

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Your understanding is wrong, they call for a total boycott of Israel and its products, not just those ot the settlements.