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By Double-Digit Margin, Poll Shows Sanders Mopping the Floor With Trump in Latest 2020 Matchup

By Double-Digit Margin, Poll Shows Sanders Mopping the Floor With Trump in Latest 2020 Matchup

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Polling results released Wednesday by Politico/Morning Consult show that Sen.


Polling this far out is ridiculous.


In my view, this poll is totally irrelevant. Why?

#1. The corrupt DNC will not allow Bernie the nomination for POTUS in 2020.

#2. Bernie will be too old and may not want to run in 2020.


He might not want to run, but his age shouldn’t be an issue if Biden runs and people say they are willing to vote for him. And the support for Biden reminds me of the support for Clinton (my guess is that there is a lot of overlap and that he polls high more than anything because lots of Clinton types want anything but Sanders or anyone like him). There is the image, and there is his record, and he will have a lot to answer to in regards to his record. I, personally, think he isn’t any better suited for the modern political context than Clinton on policy, his world view or his record, but he is more likeable than she was, and he might be about 30% less tone deaf (being kind).

Outside of Sanders though, not enthused by anyone else, and most others probably won’t be either. If it is a Biden or Harris type, it will be more of an anti-Trump campaign than it will be about anything the Democrat actually stands for on policy in isolation.


I generally agree with you on that statement, BUT Trump is a really disliked candidate at two yrs into his presidency. I don’t expect him to do anything that will help citizens or the country in general, sooooooo he only had his 30% or so that believe he is jesus fucking Christ that will vote for him. I just hope it ain’t Coumo, Booker, Gildibrand, or any other of the “establishment” people who get the nomination. And, as far as Holder goes FUCK that Wall st ass hole!


I was one of the few that actually believed from start to finish that Sanders would have won rather handily, say 52%-48% or so. But hey, I was one of those “Bernie bros” that the media thought were fringe or crazy.


I agree, more than anything because a lot can happen between now and then. For example, it isn’t at all impossible that there could be another financial crisis, we could go back into a deep recession. Most of the structural problems we have and none of the causes that led to the last crash have even been discussed much, forget actually addressed. Hell, the too big to fail banks are much larger, and the economy is just as reliant on the FIRE sector as before the crash. Wages aren’t growing, the jobs being produced aren’t great, and the costs of things like healthcare, housing and education are still outpacing wage growth. And that is in addition to a host of other economic, social, political and environmental issues that continue to get worse.


Yes! Very true, because it would not matter as long as Bernie is healthy.


The deepest ice in the Arctic is cracking and melting. Seattle’s air this week is seven times worse than Beijing. Kerala is floating away.

There are now about 14 million refugees a year due to climate and habitat collapse.

And the population continues to rise at three additional children per second.

Who will be president in 2020? What a lovely distraction.


I was discussing this with a friend this morning. I think who he picks as his VP, if he were to run and if he was allowed to win the nomination, would matter more than other potential candidates. And if he did, by chance, win the nomination, can you imagine the fighting that will go on in regards to his VP pick? Remember what the Democrats did to Henry Wallace, and how they installed Truman as the VP.


I think you were commenting on the recent Michael Cohen stuff, among other things. Was that a distraction? Cause, you know, the deepest ice in the Arctic is cracking and melting. Every time there is something that comes up that you don’t like, it’s “hey everyone, look over there!”


Lrx hurled the ‘Bernie bros’ label around here. I guess she was trying to unite the party.

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If anything, the Ds should be alarmed that only three of their potential 2020 hopefuls is beating Trump head-to-head. What a lackluster line-up. But like I said, way too early to put much stock in polling like this.


There are too many “don’t knows” for most of the candidates and really why waste time on this nonsense with the mid-term elections coming up. If the Republicans sweep the mid-terms Putin will be popping champagne corks in Moscow. Putin’s game has been clearly explained in the book “The Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin and his spies are undermining America and dismantling the West” by Malcolm Nance. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Enough of these stupid presidential polls for 2020 and let’s make Nov 6 a bad day for Putin and his gang of spies.


No thank you.


Yep, and they should reflect as to why that is the case. Trump is historically unpopular, entirely beatable, and yet how many Democrats either lose or are neck and neck with Trump? Let’s be honest too, many of those leading the party, if they are to choose between Sanders and, say, Harris, and if Harris clearly polls worse versus Trump and is more likely to lose, how many of them will go with her regardless? And why will they? Obvious, but we have to pretend that it will be something other than the obvious. Oh, and if you go with Sanders you hate women of color. Going to be fund 2020 primary season.


Good point. Also, JFK’s VP Johnson.


My take is that if the Ds haven’t learned anything from the epic electoral losing streak they’re on, who cares?

Because it’s obvious they don’t. Meanwhile, a reality check:


What is the story with Johnson? I don’t know that backstory.

Flyin A!..Just like Sanders would have “moped the floor” with trump in 2016 - read the polls of the time!

Instead the corrupt DINO Dem establishment - corporate/banker/wall street/war whores - picked arguably the ONLY candidate the orange pig could have beaten! Will they have the courage ad integrity to rally behind Sanders this time of go with another shill!?

Now at the mid-term elections thpose same DINO’s are STILL irrational still using “progressive” verbiage and narrative, and still fail to reach-out to the Dem (old-school, FDR) base- or too beholden to big-money and their big-money corporate special interest campaign-contributor bribers - to change!

Follow the money to see who those centrist (read sellout) Dems are serving and who gives them the most!

Thsis site should lead to your rep or candidate… https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/list.php

Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!..OR doing the same thing over and over to achieve the same result! …a backdoor way to serve their big-money bosses! We are talkin’ the Clinton and Obama camps of sellout DINO’s who didn’t build any strong progressive/left/independent/worker/youth base, only talked progressive then screwed all of those constituencies…and more! Includes very much the sellout “leadership” and foot soldiers, Schumer, Pelosi, Cuomo, Sean Maloney, all the rest of the Centrist wing of the DP…

Not to mention DINO’s being largely responsible for the reign of trump & co and all the destruction he does!