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By Exploiting and Mismanaging Public Pensions, Wall Street Has Cost Taxpayers $600 Billion Over Last Decade


When I was a child the USA had actual investigative journalism with many independent newspapers and magazines. During the Vietnam War there was criticism of the government for starting the war and there was criticism for the way the US prosecuted the war. And there was severe criticism of Nixon.

So, no, US media is a shadow of its former self. Big changes started around the 2000 presidential election. Since 911 TV and radio media has become basically useless.


A co-worker who used to work on Wall Street and quite in disgust described to me what goes on.

A very wealthy member of “The Investor Class” will launch a new Public Offering in a new firm. He will either do this directly or invest in an IPO when the stock dirt cheap. He then calls up his minions on Wall Street and tells them to hype the stock.

The Wall Street boys call up their smaller clients and promote the stock. As these people buy the stock the prices goes up and Mr Billionaire starts making his ROI. Mr Billionaire well slowly sell off the stock himself always profiting and in short order gets his investment returned in full. After that it all gravy. He sells some off, the stock drops, The Wall Street minions call those smaller investors to notify them of the dip claiming “Now the time to buy as this will go up again”. Mr Billionaire can use this method to generate Millions in gains on his initial investment all while paying that lower tax rate.

With the Wall Street Minions taking Control of Public Pensions , they do not even have to call up smaller clients to work this pump and dump scheme. They use that pool of Capital directly to Pump stocks so that Mr Billionaire makes more in a never ending cycle.


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When they began with Mockingbird in '43, it naturally took some time to gain control.
In '77 Carl Bernstein was just first talking about our “CIA” journalists – and he did
follow up that story sometime later where he reported continuing increases in the CIA
journalists. But other reporters/media didn’t follow.
(See: CIA&Media by Carl Bernstein which originally appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine.)

Yes, for a time investigations continued to happen. Even in the 70’s we had the Church
Hearings which was an investigation of the CIA. But between the McCarthy Era and the
NRA/CIA attack on liberals and moderates in Congress, the operation was moving along
rather successfully. To control ALL media took considerable time. Nixon moved against
publishing houses and other media to tighten the noose.

But – even to this day – our media has never confirmed the “Bright Shining Lie of Vietnam”
to the American public. And that is DESPITE the “Pentagon Papers” which make clear that
the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” was an absolute lie.

In fact, PBS just made a big deal over a new Ken Burns’ documentary on Vietnam – and
believe it or not – in the documentary he NEVER mentions the “Pentagon Papers” — !!!

The Sunday talk shows have always been a joke – an opportunity for lying. And what little
was left of any liberal reporting on TV has long been over. Koch Bros. is also a large donor
to PBS. Our public broadcasting hasn’t existed for decades.
Yes – you will occasionally see something liberal on the network – but overall its propaganda.


It’s a miserable example of freedom and democracy, that is for sure.


Not sure how much of the geo-engineering has been moved out to private corporations
and how much is done by military, but you’re right that “Chemtrails” have been the object
of a huge right wing campaign to keep citizens from exploring the issue. And it worked.

It worked just as many other right wing campaigns have worked against “unions” and
“Social Security” and “liberals” and many other words and endeavors that the right wing
wants to disappear.

But one of the main reasons that these campaigns work is because our Democratic
Party and Democrats in office give no response and no defense against these right wing
campaigns. In fact, in their silence, the Democratic Party has across the board given
absolutely NO defense against any right wing propaganda attack on any issue.

Decades ago, Dem Rep. Kucinich drew our attention to the “Chemtrails” which were becoming
more noticeable in our skies. For years, he challenged officials to produce information on the
programs which were not just domestic but international – and he stood alone in challenging
government with no support from the DP. Kucinich, himself, then became an object of ridicule
under the right wing campaign.

But not everyone believes these right wing campaigns – and many challenge them.
“Ridicule” is a large part of Operation Mockingbird which was designed at the end of WWII and
thought to have been in response to emerging questions about UFO’s and later in regard to the
coup on JFK and our people’s government. Still today our government refuses to open records
and deals in secrecy in regard to these issues. Even when records are forced open – such as
in the case of the 1992 JFK Classified Records Act, the conclusions of the Tunheim Panel after
reviewing the records (including Oswald’s employment records and IRS filings/W-2 forms) have
been kept from the public: The Tunheim Panel unanimously concluded that … “Oswald was
employed by the CIA working on high level assignments and probably also by the FBI.”


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True – while the Bill of Rights and Constitution seem to support freedom and democracy, what Our Founders actually did was create an Elite-Patriarchy and privatize the wealth and natural resources of the nation. They endowed them with land grants, gave only white males with property the right to vote. They also gave them immense influence and control over our people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

They saved and supported the system of slavery for Elites/wealthy, even down to the “Runaway Slave Act.” This guaranteed the Civil War which further benefitted Elites by splitting the nation into two camps of hatred which still echo today.

Columbus’s goal was to spread “Christianity” here despite the spilling of blood which soaked the soil of Europe for hundreds of years in “Crusades, Inquisitions, and Burnings at the Stake.” Those Papal Edicts against Africans and Native people – to “enslave or kill them” – were brought here. Native Americans were labeled “pagans … only fit to be fed to dogs” and new precedents of violence and torture against them were carried out here ending in genocide. Even the children of the Native American were taken from them and put into “Church Schools” run by the Catholic Church and the Mormon Church here where they were prevented from speaking in their own language, forced into Western European style clothing – beaten and abused and murdered – including sexually abused.


That’s one headline that we will never see.


That sounds fair.


yep, you got that one right