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By Funding Foreign Militaries, the U.S. Is Spreading Terrorism


By Funding Foreign Militaries, the U.S. Is Spreading Terrorism

Jeremy Ravinsky

The War on Terror is at a stalemate.

Recent, disparate terrorist attacks have shown that far from being “degraded and destroyed,” the Islamic State’s reach is growing. Unwilling to commit large numbers of U.S. boots on the ground, policymakers have instead doubled down on a “small footprint” approach of military aid to foreign governments. But this strategy is failing.


To make my point, I am juxtaposing these three quotes from Mr. Ravinsky's article:

"Days later, the State Department finalized a $1.29 billion sale of targeted bombs to Saudi Arabia."

"Limitless and beyond the view of the public, U.S. military aid is a tap foreign governments don’t want to turn off. The longer they’re “fighting terrorists,” the more “security assistance” they get. There’s no reason for them to actually defeat terrorists, because if they did, the cash would go away."

"The logic of military aid — or security assistance, as it is euphemistically referred to — is twofold: U.S. military equipment, training, and support will build strategic relationships with partner nations and then empower them to fight terrorists on our behalf."

Only a cursory mention is then made to this--which is the real driver behind the policies that disguise military sales AS aid, and keep the U.S. weapons contractors--with many of these firms headed by former military top brass--fat:

"During Obama’s tenure in office, democracy assistance funding has declined by almost 30 percent. And while the Pentagon is slated to receive over $600 billion in funding, the State Department and foreign aid account will be lucky to get $50 billion."

First of all, the $600 billion doesn't include black ops., funding for Veterans' needs, or new nuclear bombs.

Secondly, is the writer bemoaning the "mere" $50 billion allotted to the State Department... that font of so much creative catastrophe up to and including planned assassinations of state leaders?

Why would someone who identifies with "Open Society Foundations" offer such a thinly veiled paean to THAT stealth organization?


"By Funding Foreign Militaries, the U.S. Is Spreading Terrorism"

Not in my name.


Yes , more accurate measurments of US Military spending ut it over 1 trillion.

It interesting to note that during the Cold War when the USA was pointing to the high level of Military Spending on the part of the USSR they counted all the same things they do not count when measuring US Military spending.

As example they counted pensions paid to WW2 veterans as "military spending" when looking at the USSR and this was then used to lobby Congress to increase US Military spending. This in essence the type of "intelligence assessments" The CIA was providing to the US Government (I can only wonder at the role Ray McGovern played there). All of this helps illustrate the corruption of the system and of how the CIA works in as an arm of the 1 percent to help entrench ever more Military spending.