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By Picking Tillerson and Perry, Trump’s Pretty Much Just Trolling Us Now

By Picking Tillerson and Perry, Trump’s Pretty Much Just Trolling Us Now

Richard Eskow

When it comes to Cabinet-level appointments, Donald Trump hasn’t lost his ability to astonish and dismay. At this point his staffing process has pretty much turned into an extended exercise in trolling, a test to see how much humiliation the American people will endure.

Rick Perry for the Department of Energy? Perry will be running an organization he doesn’t even think should exist. By that logic, I should be the CEO of Citigroup.


Trumps picks are a big F.U. to America and the government. One of the nice things I’ve heard Republicans say about him is “he’s a business man he would be good in government”. Well there’s your business government. Fascism of a sort but all in all a big f.u to everyone and everything we’ve worked to break up for the last 50 years. All destroyed.
You would think after seeing what they’ve done to Michigan and Kansas they would wake up, but sadly, they don’t connect the dots. What was that third thing?


Trump combines racism, xenophobia, etc with a Ted Cruz desire to get rid of federal agencies. He represents the worst of extreme right Republican Party in one person. And he even goes one step further right by spouting things consistent with fascism. It appears the Trump voters mainly had the goal of dismantling the US government and starting over. Perhaps even going forward while ignoring the Constitution. These seem to be voters who sing the national anthem but could care less about the views of the Founding Fathers. Rather, their views seem be be based more on the hate talk radio and other extreme right sources of information. It appears the voters have decided that democracy in the US has been a failure and they want to try something else so they voted for Trump.


That’s what I am seeing. The deliberate dismantling of the government as it exists. A corporate coup, in other words.

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Yes, I would have to agree with that.

I just had an interesting experience - I received a copy of de Touqueville’s “Democracy in America” from the library, anticipating a great read, what with all I’d heard about this ‘seminal’ book.

After reading de Touqueville’s “Introduction” and the first page or two of his first chapter - it’s going back to the library pronto.

I’ve got a really bad feeling about this Trump thing.

If you’re right in your assessment, then the American people have pretty much given up, and that’s the real problem !

And after JFK and Bobby, and all that has happened since - I can see how people could give up - those at least who are not focused on their wannabe careers.

If there is a shred of decency among those electors - Trump would be turfed like the s.o.b. he is.

Billionaires club … to wreck the earth with more of what they have been doing … no heart, no soul, just a gimme grab fr what’s in it for me … without worker bees, us slaves, they got nothing but dust and paper …