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By Razing Khan al-Ahmar, Israel Will Bulldoze Illusions of Peace Process


By Razing Khan al-Ahmar, Israel Will Bulldoze Illusions of Peace Process

Jonathan Cook

Israel finally built an access road to the West Bank village of Khan al-Ahmar last week, after half a century of delays. But the only vehicles allowed along it are the bulldozers scheduled to sweep away its 200 inhabitants’ homes.

If one community has come to symbolise the demise of the two-state solution, it is Khan al-Ahmar.


We no longer even have a president who is speaking out about the expansion of the settlements in Israel. The first step in the US has to be replacing a right wing extremist president who now running the executive branch with someone who is willing to call for a halt to this like President Obama did. Leadership from the White House can’t come from a right winger who is even more extreme than Netanyahu and whose base includes people who want a strong Israel so they can cleanse the US of Jews and send them to Israel.


Like when the settlements stopped, the US stopped subsidizing the occupation, and the Israelis started following International Law and UN resolutions under Obama Wait, what? I don’t remember that happening.



“The cradle of civilization” or an indictment against the whole human race.


This nation of Israel really is a plague on the Middle East and the Palestinians ------when I read about the nazis I wondered — how could people be like this---------and wow, here it is again—another plague of nazi- like people who cry remember the holocaust— so you mean -the past one or the one you are making now?


What happened to the ouster and punishment of Netanyahu and his wife for the crimes they have committed? Above the law like US political crooks and swindlers. I read that one reason for JFK’s murder was because he insisted on international inspection of the Dimona nuclear plant in Israel. That and of course his desire to withdraw US troops from Vietnam.