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By Sharing Prosperity Most Evenly, Norway Wins Again


By Sharing Prosperity Most Evenly, Norway Wins Again

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

For the 12th year in a row, Norway has earned the honor of being listed as the best country in the world to live.

The ranking appears in the United Nations Development Programme's 2015 Human Development Report. The agency uses the Human Development Index (HDI) to score nearly 200 countries on factors including life expectancy at birth, average years of schooling, and gross national income per capita.


Another bright, beautiful shining light (along with their neighbor, Finland) amid the harsh, blinding Klieg lights of Nazi WWII infamy as reflected by the ongoing negligence of the U S when it comes to taking care of its citizens, environment, infrastructure, and natural resources. Finland and Norway zeitgeist is one of compassion and stewardship while the capitalist profit-driven policies and practices of the US embody one of greed, avarice, abuse (nature), and neglect.


Social democracy is the best form of government.


Well, go Norway! Beautiful country.

Here is the top ten list

  1. Norway .944
  2. Australia .935
  3. Switzerland .93
  4. Denmark .922
    5 Netherlands .916 (three way tie)
    6.Germany .916
    7.Ireland .916
  5. U,S.A. .915
    9.Canada .913 (tie)
  6. New Z. .913

Singapore is Number 11.. .912


But # 8 ain't too shabby. Some of the other countries in the top tier are very small (like Norway), but otherwise, we are in the company of Germany, the UK and Japan.According to this ranking system, anyway.


Is Norway now prosperous enough to stop killing hundreds of whales every year? I hope so.


Looks as though the people of Norway were intelligent and vigilant enough to achieve A form of Government that shared the "commons"/profits of the North Sea Oil with ALL instead of the greedy jerks in America that fleeced us all of the National/Natural bounty of the Land- I bet that there was no "Oil Depletion Allowance" given to the North Sea Producers- And so it goes with Capitalism and the greedy PIGS at the trough.....

"Oil Depletion Allowance":
Bryce gives an example in his book how the oil depreciation allowance works. "An oilman drills a well that costs $100,000. He finds a reservoir containing $10,000,000 worth of oil. The well produces $1 million worth of oil per year for ten years. In the very first year, thanks to the depletion allowance, the oilman could deduct 27.5 per cent, or $275,000, of that $1 million in income from his taxable income. Thus, in just one year, he's deducted nearly three times his initial investment. But the depletion allowance continues to pay off. For each of the next nine years, he gets to continue taking the $275,000 depletion deduction. By the end of the tenth year, the oilman has deducted $2.75 million from his taxable income, even though his initial investment was only $100,000."
John Kennedy was intent on ending this-
But, After the assassination of Kennedy, President Lyndon B. Johnson dropped the government plans to remove the oil depletion allowance.


See what those damned pinko-liberal limp-wristed commie faggot socialists have done to Norway! Where is the Viking spirit of rape, pillage and murder? It's not the place it used to be!


If Norway were similar in size to the USA, it could have a higher standard of living. The USA has hegemony in military might & standard of living. I wish Norway would quit endangering so many whales. They say to the Americans: " Don't tell us to quit eating whale meat, what if india told your people to quit eating beef?" The Americans would say cattle are not endangered.


The tragedy is that America (liberals included) went in the exact opposite direction We know that not everyone can work and that there aren't jobs for all, and decided that they are mere "surplus population," undeserving of basic food and shelter. Our poor have been stripped of a list of fundamental civil and human rights since the 1990s as liberals have maintained an utterly meaningless pep rally for the better-off alone.

Since B. Clinton, liberals have implicitly preached that our current corporate state is so successful that everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. They are wrong. As our attention began turning to the 2016 elections, Democrats made their agenda perfectly clear by agreeing to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled (cutting monthly allotments from roughly $115 to $15). Liberals shrugged.


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The change in the US "standard of living" is an interesting point. In a nutshell: From FDR to Reagan, the US implemented policies and programs that took the country to its height of wealth and productivity -- far from imperfect, but far better. When Reagan was first elected, launching the initial campaign against our poor, the overall quality of life in the US was rated at #1. By the time Obama was elected, the US had already plunged to #43, and we can no longer adequately compete in the modern world market. Sen. Sanders used to have the courage to point to our history, showing how and why it's impossible to save/rebuild the middle class without shoring up the poor. He was correct, but this doesn't sell to today's campaign donors, so he dumped the issue. Political reality: You have to sell what the paying customers want to buy.

Incidentally, those 42 other nations are aware that they now have a higher quality of life than the US, and are stunned that Americans chose class war ahead of the best interests of the country.


Remember that Norway's Statoil has invested billions of krone in Alberta's tar sands. The company was about to buy another facility in the tar sands when the price dropped and they shelved the purchase. So they have done well for their country but not the environment.

And the USA ahead of Canada, that's a joke isn't it?


The UN Human Development Index by itself simply does not capture many aspects of development that affect quality of life - particularly at the upper values - it uses average life expectancy, educational attainment and gross national income per capita - that's all.. So there are many living standard issues that it does not capture.

For example the virtual tie between the US and Canada is bullshit. No Canadian worries about being able to get medical attention for a major illness nor bankruptcy and descent into destitution from that medical attention - probably a third of USAns do. Most countries in the top ten HDI rankings have free, or cheap (including Canada) university education. In the US, a university education is a consignment to debt slavery for at least half of students.

There is another index, called the "Inequality Adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI) which adjusts for economic inequality. When that is done, the USA drops down to No. 27, Canada down only a few places to No. 11. Norway remains No. 1


The self-proclaimed "Exceptional" country could care less about the successes of any other country.
Is that clear?


As I said "according to this ranking system".Obviously, there are plenty of things wrong with it. According to some sources, 50% of Americans either live in poverty or are skating around the edges. Many people have no savings, or tiny amounts of money saved, so that if any of life's little emergencies happens, they can't cover them. Millions have negative net worth. Winter is upon us, and other millions will have to choose between heat and food. Medical emergencies? Don't want to even think about it. This is not the case in Canada, or Norway-not to mention Germany, France, the UK, Japan etc. etc..



5 million people lots of sweet crude oil. Kinda hard to screw that up.


Yeah, that helps! ha


You need to work on your apologetics for the brutal capitalism derived status quo in the US, otherwise some might take you for being a simpleton.