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By Sitting Down Kaepernick Challenges Americans to Reflect on What They Really Stand For


By Sitting Down Kaepernick Challenges Americans to Reflect on What They Really Stand For

Peter Bloom

The San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick shocked much of America last week by refusing to stand for the national anthem. In his own words,


That’s pretty good.
By sitting down, Kaepernick is standing up.
That’s pretty slick.


How patriotic neanderthals deal with freedom of expression:
The National Flyover League is a pox on America.


Maybe he has a brain injury. Or a gambling problem. Or a drug problem. He is part of the NFL.

Or maybe he sees the world as it is and is pissed (that’s my hope).


“Maybe he should find a country that works better for him. Let him try. It won’t happen."


From where I live, I can drive 4 hours (shorter if there were a ferry) cross a bridge, and be in a country that, while not at all perfect, would work better for me (If I weren’t too old to get status to legally work there) and would work vastly better for Kaepernick and any other black USAn.

And there are even better ones, a little further away - but learning Swedish or Norwegian or maybe Flemish would be required.


Sorry phasor this one is for Yunzer. Trump is trump. The stats in research have proven the country where people are the most happy is Denmark. Also, In Sweden and Norway everybody darn near speaks English. Furthermore, If you land in Norway currently you can go to to university tuition free. French Polynesia is also an option, safe travels.


Also, sports media is having a conniption fit, and is dragging out the old tired statement of the military’s men and women died to keep us safe. When has that happened?


Maybe Trump should find another planet?


Right wing beliefs are antithetical to our Constitution and the American experiment.


I applaud his convictions and his courage.


I have long been distressed and annoyed by the judgmental hypersensitivity of the citizenry to anyone who shows any lack of reverence for smbols that supposedly embody the 'spirit" of America, or the United States thereof: the flag that any nonceremonial use of is reacted to as If a sacred object was peed on, now not showing appropriate reverence for the national anthem,

“And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”

Red glaring rockets, air burst bombs, but the national symbol survives so I guess all the people who feel that the flag represents some facet of their inner selves, all those free with land and bravely at home, would have been injured somewhere in their deep souls had that symbol caught fire and burned. But it yet waves

I know there are people who get teary eyed and have a lump in their throat when that song is sing while starry symbol’s red and white stripes are till wavng, trying to reassure all that all is still well. If that’s all it takes for then to feel all warm and fuzzy about this land and all that it likes to think it stands for., who am I to judge their joys churlishly, but in the county that prides itself on “freedom,’” I till do so.


“In a besieged castle, all dissent is treason!”
(The “flag” also stands for dissent)


Yeah, but Denmark, like an increasing number of European countries from Hungary to France, has too many neo-fascist islamophobes…


The weird flag-fetish-cult of USAns is like nothing else anywhere in the world. The parks in my county even have a designated “flag burial ground” for people to respectfully bury their old worn USAn flags like the piece of cloth is a sentient being or something. Sick!

An we are long overdue for throwing that national anthem, which uses a old British pub drinking song for its melody and glorifies war, in the trash can, and at least replacing it with the “America the Beautiful” which at least has an original melody and sings of the beauty of its blessed lands - the only flaw being the expropriation of the word “America” for what is more properly called the “United States”.


When issues like this one come up, it’s hard to identify the line between reverence and idolatry. I think it’s probably something we must each identify for ourselves. Playing the anthem at the start of sporting events is to me a disturbing ritual that reinforces that the “games” (especially football) are staged substitute warfare. We need less of that all around.


“For a message to be holy, it doesn’t need to come from a prophet or a deity. When truth is spoken whoever is the mediator it is divine.”
― Osman Doluca


Historical note: The Star Spangled Banner was not adopted as the official anthem until 1931. That’s when President Herbert Hoover was flailing about trying to solve the Depression, and failing. No doubt the new, warlike anthem was supposed to provide an antidote to the radicals who had their own solutions to the crisis.


I haven’t stood for the national anthem or the pledge of allegiance for over twenty years. I get periodic dirty looks; but, no comments.

Then again, I’m not a celebrity.


Wow, never saw that third verse before, talk about telling it like it is. “Those damned Brits won’t free our slaves and turn them against us! America, fuck yeah!”

All the fake patriots should sing that verse at every stupid football game.


darkagesamerica- I am with you on that! Some years ago I, too, quit standing for utter hypocrisy just because somebody waved a piece of cloth in my face and turned on their record player. Now, if they had played an up-with-people song like Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land”, rather than that National Worship Of War pushed upon us at gatherings, I would still be up in a flash. I don’t stand for war. I don’t stand for oppression. I don’t stand for torture, nor constant surveillance that presumes all people to be guilty all of the time. I don’t stand for bullshit charades that a world abused by the crimes of USA knows to be false. If this country wants me to stand it will have to either prop up my dead body or live up to its claimed principles. In my opinion “Kaepernick” is another word for HERO.