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By Trump's Side, Bannon to Bolster Global Alt-Right Movement


By Trump's Side, Bannon to Bolster Global Alt-Right Movement

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The news that President-elect Donald Trump has appointed known anti-semite and white nationalist Steve Bannon to the position of chief strategist is not only raising serious concerns among minorities and rights groups within the U.S. but it also appears to be explicitly linking the global alt-right movement straight to the White House.


That "basket of deplorables" comment isn't looking so hysterical now, I guess.


Don't be stupid
Be a smartie
Come and join
The Nazi Party

Mel Brooks' line from the dance number in "Springtime For Hitler".



Bannon is not a white nationalist, he is a white supremasist.


bannon, lowest form of life on the planet.


Bannon on Trump's staff should be completely unacceptable to all Americans who claim to oppose racism and anti-semitism. Every Democrat and every Republican in Congress who opposes this right wing extremism of white supremacy should speak up. It should be impossible for the country to come together in any meaningful way unless Bannon goes. Many people may be willing to give Trump some sort of chance but that should be based only on letting Bannon go. He should have no place in Washington politics.


White nationalist Steve Bannon is the perfect choice for chief strategist of Trumps Reich. Parallels Geobbels, the minister of propaganda for the Third Reich.


We are seeing trump's true colors in actions that go beyond his rhetoric. So much for HRC's actions are worse than trump's rhetoric. We will see his true actions are far worse in the long run come January.


Exactly. The alt-right believes that whites are genetically superior. Trump himself believes he has superior genes. This stuff has no place in mainstream America.


When having a bad dream/nightmare, do you ever wake up,and say "Thank god I was only dreaming." ?

When having a hyuuuugly fantabulous dream, do you ever wake up,and say, "Damn, now I am back to my nightmarish reality!."

Which one do you identify with most now?


For all of Hillary Clinton's faults she seems to be a decent human being. Trump does not seem to have an ounce of decency. He is the new Joseph McCarthy and the horrible thing is that rather than being a senator he will actually be president. And many decent Republicans have totally sold out to tag along in order to keep their careers going. Shame on them.


A true genius. I cannot begin to count the laughs I've had because of him and his comedic influence.


Those that believe the racist ideals would do well to remember what happened in Germany and take to heart the understanding that the majority of the world do not agree and won't sit by and watch.


If Steve Bannon is a Catholic, then he's definitely not a White Supremacist. A White nationalist is more like it, imho.


If Trump and company think they will have free reign to turn this country into some sort of white supremacist haven they should think again. He won't last a year before he is impeached or made a lame duck. There are many more of us than them and we won't be silenced.
Let's start with Bannon.


The appointee short lists Trump has released have already worn his thin layer of populist veneer off, less than a week after the election.

If Wall Street didn't already hold all the keys to power, all the keys ARE being handed to them this week,


Ask the people in Libya or Syria or Honduras or Haiti how decent your fair Hillary is, I'll bet you get an answer that you won't like.


The Orcs have the day.


Unfortunately I live in a state where it made absolutely no difference for who I voted for POTUS. As long as we have a state by state election with winner take all, many many Americans are disenfranchised in the election of President. This system is rigged for the 2 party system.


Yeah, it's probably a good moment to watch the Producers again. Brooks once told this story about how they walked into a restaurant in their Nazi uniforms and got really good service. What a great talent.