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By Trying to Silence Sanders, the Corporate Media Delegitimize Themselves

Nope… just repeating what the real Karl Marx taught re: dynamism/ creativity of Capitalism 150 years ago. Call me a Marxist.
Bernie 2020!!

re dronopolis https://www.academia.edu/21497961/The_Urbanization_of_Drone_Warfare_Policing_Surplus_Populations_in_the_Dronepolis?email_work_card=thumbnail


Yep… mostly CBC radio, but also alternative new on the web. I’ve found American MSM to function like a vomitoriun… i.e. what ya do after you consume at the mall (bricks & mortar store or Amazon:)

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ROCK ON! Somehow I must have missed your point(s). I do apologize, S.R.

I repeat the answer I gave to your other response. You ARE awake!

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Thank you. Incidentally I understand Neil Young can’t get American citizenship… something about marijuana:)
I’m not sure how Sanders can speak to the older crowd with their 401k accounts. Perhaps someone else here has some ideas???

They are scared to death of Bernie and what he and his supporters represent - The end of Neoliberalism, and Corporatism.
Bernie 2020

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I don’t believe capitalism is at its end. One look at the Scandinavian capitalist countries show that a more rational and socially representative capitalism is certainly possible. However one can’t help but notice that America seems on the road to a decline because its capitalism model is utterly rapacious and even cannibalistic at least socially. Once America (after WWII) prided itself on raising the standard of living of its workforce but now it seems that it takes pride in exploiting its workforce and in fact betraying (economically by exporting jobs and factories) the aspirations of its citizenry except for the wealthy. Things like this show a decline of America’s social fabric. It’s all about the money like never before. Betray the trust and wear down the spirit of ordinary people too long and they lose faith in their identity or in other words… they will stop believing in themselves as Americans and in the very idea of America in general. At present, people are at risk of losing their trust in democracy even though democracy is the glue that holds everything together.


I said neoliberalism and Corporatism. I didn’t mention capitalism

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No you didn’t mention capitalism specifically in this comment. However by definition corporatism requires capitalism which is why I mentioned the examples (Scandinavian) or rather the exceptions that I did. My point was about the decline of America’s corporate empire both externally and the concurrent collateral effect on its society and citizens.

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This article was so insightful I was inspired to donate. I know what people here realize is obvious, that the corporate owned media creates news slanted in their interest. It’s no accident none of them never share an article by Noam Chomsky that is outside of his linguistics field. What was so enlightening was the concept that the media for so long has not acknowledged how severe the decline of good jobs is. Ironically Trump is almost right in that there is much “fake news”, or more specifically intentionally neglected news. So he harnessed that and now Trump supporters will not read any other news outside of Fox news. My sister in law said “Fox news is the only news that is not biased”. They are effectively presenting a reason for financial decline which is the immigrants. Bernie sanders also presents a reason which is the corporate concentration of power, but that is an attack on the news organizations since they get paid by these corporations. For me, this is a huge part of the puzzle as to why Trump is so popular despite the fact he keeps kicking his supporters in the face!


Excellent comment PeaceAndUnderstanding, welcome! Helping our family friends and co-workers see through the institutional corporate media bias is important work for all of us.

I have many relatives that refuse to watch anything but Foxy News. If Goebbels were still alive he would no doubt be an anchor on Foxy News. Welcome and thanks for donating to Common Dreams who is one of the best progressive sites on the net and I have been on the net since windows 95!


The Establishment and its lackeys in the DNC and MSM are doing their best to ensure that your hope is in vain.

Same here.  Even so, I change the channel IMMEDIATELY whenever Krooked Hilliary’s #2 stooge Neera Tanden starts speaking or when one of the increasingly-long ad breaks begins (especially a ‘Limo Emu’ ad — they’re almost as disgusting as Hilliary herself).  Thankfully there are always the Tennis Channel and Turner Classic Movies, which are usually at least tolerable.

Bernie started out in 2015 with only about 4% name recognition nationwide.  Today almost everyone al­ready knows who he is, and half or more of them view him favorably, so the DNC/MSM cabal will have
a MUCH tougher time of it trying to bury Bernie this go-round . . .

I’m part of a MUCH older crowd, now living on Social Security and the residue of a 401(k), and Bernie very much speaks to – and for – me.  He’s strongly in favor of strengthening Social Security, and don’t forget that most of us old geezers have offspring who need jobs and grand-kids who require good edu­cations.

No-one – not even Bernie – can undo all the evil in one fell swoop or even in two full terms as POTUS, but at least he can do a lot to stop the downward trend and with the support of an enlarged Squad in the House – and hopefully some more like-minded folks in the Senate – he can begin to right left the badly-listing Ship of State.

The MSM is, after all – just like the DNC – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Korporate Amerika.

Unfortunately, the MSM’s Sins of Omission may end up being more serious than their Sins of Co-
mmission . . .


Nasal Neera gets my goat every time MSNBC allows her to speak through her nose to the events of the day.


They are showing their true colors. They look the other way to the “perfectly legal”, establishment practice of perpetuating the tilted playing field against working people, young adults and all who must bear the burdens imposed upon them by America’s corporatism, cruel policies imposed not only by both major parties but also by the corporations and oligarchs who receive a lion’s share of the profits. #Sanders will hold a mirror to their faces and expose how they are neglecting what should be their foremost priority, the vast majority of ordinary people.

It’s good to see Glen Ford back here, and it’s good to see him right on top of this.

Unless I badly misread him, the intention here is not to imply that corporate media were honest before, but that they have to a considerable extent revealed themselves as liars to a broader and broader population. (I suspect that anyone uncertain of this can to go to back-issues of Black Agenda Report and enjoy a good read while verifying that Ford has not recently begun to distrust news corporations.)

This is something that is in a state of dynamic change, probably less stable right now than at any point in living memory. The state and paragovernmental ruling apparat has largely underwritten and eaten the traditional media. The point is not that these institutions were ever greatly honest, but that the balance that they’d had to make between satisfying the confidence of readers and that of sources has changed drastically towards dependence on sources. That means newsmakers–governmental, military,. corporate, and related entities with public relations problems–essentially write and produce commercial media news.

The public has, meanwhile, become more informed, but because most people no longer depend on these commercial sources at all, and many of the younger couple of generations are barely aware of their existence.

At this same time, however, there are extensive efforts to corral the flow of information on the Net, to return it to commercial control not only for money but for the control that comes with that.

Unless you are somewhere in a very few areas of relative freedom, your ISPs and carriers censor your intake. When you use most search engines, this is censored again. At the same time, players release all sorts of deliberately bogus stories. Often several variations eminate from a single source–a rumor for those of prejudice A, another for those of prejudice B, and so on. This is done to make judgment problematic for those who do read various sources and triangulate information to validate it.

At the moment, the statist, corporatist, neoliberal and neoconservative and violent ruling right wing does not yet have functional control over the Net and the passage of information there.

That gives us a certain amount of time to work. But the project is extensive and diffuse, and time is likely limited.


Exactly.  Speaking through her nose while looking down her nose at the 99.44% — just like her arrogant fellow-travelers Dirty Debbie and Krooked Hilliary.

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Sooooo damn true! Exactly! Why in my view, Bernie has no chance for their nomination for POTUS in 2020 no matter how well Bernie does in the primaries!

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Late stage capitalism is actually fascist corporate capitalism. It is being replaced by Democratic Socialist cooperative capitalism.