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Bye Bye, Big Oil? BP Admits Demand May Have Already Peaked, Predicts Growth of Renewable Energy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/14/bye-bye-big-oil-bp-admits-demand-may-have-already-peaked-predicts-growth-renewable

Big Oil needs a big war to fuel.

What exactly does Greenpeace mean by a “green recovery”? Does it include continuing with neoliberalism, capitalist economics and economic growth, just with dirty renewable energy instead of filthy fossil fuels? Because that’s not going to be much better. I can see why mainstream climate activists hated Planet of the Humans and tried to censor it - because it showed their self-interested complicity with capitalism.


You got that right James !

I think Big Oil will go nuclear - just a feeling.

Have you seen the Max Blumenthal take on “Planet of the Humans” ?? Even Naomi Klein is implicated.

‘Green’ billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary



They will back whichever greenwashed shuck & jive their sugardaddies have managed to buy-into? Bloomberg went crazy buying Aubrey McClendon’s last fracking money-pit. Now, he’s ammased a propaganda leviathan Koch, Gates or Bezos would be proud of? Biden brags about clean coal, fracking us deplorables ever further up Cancer Valley and each economic collapse they triggered sold off more of my renewable, alternative, regenerative, autonomous, resilient, smart grid, PV, wind, AI, cloud… equities, that Wall Street scoffed at acquiring at 0.46 cents, rather than $516.58 a share (NVDA). As several of us speculated, well before 2016: get ready for geo-engineering, GE monoculture, carbon sequestration, LNG & bio-mass co-gen SCAMS. They’ve discovered a better way to fork their own 10% liberal boomers into hell, terrorize minorities with Nazi cops, trained in our forever gas/ oil wars, ditch ALL working class voters after taking their homes, jobs, equity and hooking them on opioids and feeding us ALL to FIRE & PhARMA Sectors. If we complain, we’re Rooski bots, for Trump?

It’s Socialism. The sneering inbred, brain-dead imbeciels all bet against the future, so now… WE have to bail them out; while Comcast mau-maus half their drooling boomers with MAGA nazis & the other half with Antifa/ BLM? With Trump as The Lord Humongous? Obama saved BP when they killed the Gulf. Take a look at BDDYF (Chinese batteries).


~https://thewalrus.ca/how-algorithms-are-changing-what-we-read-online/ (fire & plague: a terrible thing to waste)



The least aggressive scenario BP puts forth is the same as Exxon’s assessment from 2016!

We can’t fuck around with another decade of peak or near-peak oil consumption – we were told more than a year ago that we’d have to cut that consumption in half by 2030, and that’s just to slow an already out-of-control temperature rise.

And Joe “sir-fracks-a-lot” Biden is going to aim for cutting it in half by 2050?
Incrementalism helped destroy nearly everything I hold dear.
Now I’m out to destroy incrementalism.

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I’m guessing, somewhere between 1824 & 1896, someone figured, they could cash-in, if they just waited long enough?

~http://www.climatefiles.com/trade-group/american-petroleum-institute/1965-api-president-meeting-the-challenges-of-1966/ (ubiquitous jets & 2-4 family cars)

~https://insideclimatenews.org/news/18092015/exxon-confirmed-global-warming-consensus-in-1982-with-in-house-climate-models (SUVs 30mi to WalMart for imports)

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I have hopes for Bill Gates.

I think his heart is in the right place - maybe because of his wife - I don’t know ~

BUT - control by elites is predicated on non-dispersed power - like Big Oil and Big Nuclear - you can’t do that in your backyard - it gives them swat.

Once you reach middle age - you look down into the valley. Many avert their gaze - and seek after power, ever more unnecessary wealth, and measure success that way - rather than in shoulder to shoulder with the masses.

Culturally - we in the Western Way have bought in - most just cause everyone else has bought in - with no deeper insight than that - monkey see - monkey do.

That’s OK - because that’s who we are in the middle of the Bell Curve - evolution has programmed most that way.

But evolution has always had a place for JFK’s “able leaders” - and for loners and out of the box thinkers and doers.

That’s where hope resides now.

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Sorry to disagree about Gates epitomizing our dying empire irrumating Golden Rice, Bt Cotton and Stacked Traits Soya monoculture herbicide-dessicated patented strain crops on subsistence smallholder farmers. He basically personifies everything our empire did, confessions of an economic hit man/ shock doctrine wise? I’m just shocked DNC isn’t just running Oprah and George Clooney or Beyonce & Ivanka?





Gates - Well, he’s a techy for sure - and believes in GMO and such in the same way that James Hansen and Monbiot believe in nuclear.

But it’s possible to be wrong and right at the same time.

Whereas Musk for example - he has no redeeming qualities.

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It’s because us silly OLDS loved the potential of genetically modified organisims & further research into fission, even fusion (that we’re so disgusted at our stupidity) that they’d be used to rob folks of their families’ farms, rob taxpayers of trillions, while poisoning the planet forever & delay timely implementation of sensible, proven, readily applicable ways to mitigate AGW along with our obscene trillion dollar/ year military expenditure in oil/ gas forever-wars. Oh, well?

Well, that, and my having to use damn employer supplied computers, running fucking Windows? Musk got me to invest in Geeley, Nissan, BYD, Hyundai/Kia, now BMW?

I do have a report from the military on space based solar beamed down to Earth - a mini Dyson sphere.

Maybe - but we down here have to get our own act together - we need to ‘own it’ - “it” being The Problem - the destruction of our planet.

Steps can and should be taken at the individual level - they have to be or “we” will never deserve democracy.

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Just now: BYD is up 12.54%, TSM up 6.57%, PDS up 4.53%, LIT up 4.15%… QCLN, KURE, SMOG, XNTK, TAN, IDNA, PBD, PBW, SMH, CHNA, ICLN… I’m beginning to see a pattern; between horrific catastrophe and Wall Street? Mr. Market don’t needs him no democracy or individuals? And NO, I’d never set out to end up with mostly Asian “tech” equities!

You think, the moderators are buying Tiwanese, Chinese & Korean tech stocks, right now?

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