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Bye, Bye Big Oil: White House Pulls Plug on Arctic Drilling Leases



I have to concede that upon taking office, Obama did challenge the public that they would have to push him on progress. Perhaps it goes back to his community organizing days. What are we watching? Is it just the price of oil dominating most decisions? Perhaps. The cynic in me says so. What about fracking, Mr. President? Producing carbon dioxide and widespread pollution at the same time. Are you leading, Mr. President, or reacting? Enquiring minds like mine, want to know...


The fact remains that the oil and other globalized extractive industries are connected to intravenous feed of a pathologically conceived recognition of human beings, planet, well being: as a people subjected to 'socialization' of privatization debts and taadaa... taxpayer subsidies ('externalized' to the base of the pyramid ponzi scheme, and doesn't that make a toxic $h!t perfume!).
I would submit that it is indicative of the very health of natural systems that renders us resistant to even articulating the toxic venality of the scale and scope of such perversion. And therein lies the treasure. With the spirit not unlike that of marble sculptors attentive to holding of the vision of emergent form, find profound joy in slowly chipping away, holding the relational proportions that express coherent, functional beauty and elegance rather than a programming of 'constant growth' of cannibalization / terrorization. It ain't rocket science but is a love of the art of inherent strength of grace, dignity, interdependent and mutual support of coherent ethics.


What nonsense. This is merely more smoke and mirrors from the Republican in the Oval Office.

The only reason that these leases were pulled is because Shell lost interest. Had Shell decided to proceed, the Arctic would be their oyster.

Note that the East Coast remains open for the plucking by Big Oil's parasites, and realize that Obama never, ever does the right thing.


Yeah, whom ever wrote the above headline is very naive and buying Obama's latest con.

Obama does not run big oil; big oil runs him! Obama did not pull the plug on big oil, they pulled the plug themselves.


I would not read this as some kind of miraculous conversion on the part of the WH and Interior Dept. It is most likely for exactly the reasons they said - poor market, high costs, and apparently, disappointing exploration results. Now, when Alberta declares the closure of the tar sands, and N. Dakota the closure of the Bakken Shale, that will be proof of miraculous conversion. Amazing Grace...


It's all about Obama trying to generate a green legacy on the back of the market price of crude right now [$48?] vs. the cost of getting the stuff out of the arctic.


What??? Just another smoke and mirrors attempt by another stooge in the Oval Office trying to re-write his history for the books, read legacy, during his last year in office. Sorry big 'O', way too little, too late! Another 7 years wasted by another "leader" putting humanity geometrically farther behind in this battle for survival. Nothing new here, though. Just another example of how this great experiment in government has failed. Where is the news on the scientific fraud perpetrated on all of us by Exxon? It is certainly not playing big on MSM sources. Where is the news on Bill McKibben's arrest? Instead we continue to be blasted, a year before our elections, with endless debates and endless bs by troves of propaganda operatives of government, who call themselves journalists, directing how we should interpret these debates. There is hope for the earth, however, if us citizens of the US get in the streets by the millions and demand an end to our huge military budgetary waste and our participation in wars around the world. Our energy could then be directed at bringing the great minds of the world together at trying to solve the greatest problem humanity has ever faced, human caused climate catastrophy! The wars must end and it will be up to citizens around the world to stop them. But it must start here at home.


Wonderful news, BUT, what's being done about Fukashima and the Poisoning of the Pacific?
What about all of the Nuke Plants in this Nation on Earthquake Fault Zones and poorly engineered? What about all that coal being exported to China? And, lastly, what about Keystone XL and the huge tar sands deposits in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, much of which are on public lands. that industry is chomping at the bit to develop-
I would like to hear Obama say that this Government is going to tax Wall Street, Industry, and the Ubber Wealthy heavily- Go after all that purloined wealth in those offshore tax havens-so that renewables will become the new Manhatten Project-
This is what I would like to hear and see....


Big Oil along with all of the other mineral wealth of this Nation should have been Nationalized long ago- BLM and other Government Agencies have been giving this Nations wealth away for pennies on the dollar for far too long- And it is not only going to American Industry, but foreign Interests as well- The Oil depletion allowance was A long standing scam that JFK tried to do away with-Not one ounce of Gold ever mined in this country has been shared with the commons- And by Nationalize I am not speaking of that money going for war and pork barrel spending in Washington- Just as in the illusive "Peace Dividend", where is OUR permanent fund dividend?


The fun thing there is that the cost of extraction in the tarsands is far higher than the return on the investment at this time.

The small companies will go bust first, then the larger ones.

As long as the world price of oil is low, anyhow. If it goes up, then they'll profit again. I'm not sure if they'll all be able to cover their losses, but they're hoping that they can.


Yes, the FED- How could I have missed that elephant in the Bank Lobby-
God, how great life could be in this country with A measure of fairness for the people!


Gimme a break. If it was Obama who pulled the plug because of environmental concerns he'd be milking it for political value by screaming his evolution to green every chance he gets.


Nationalized is a good start - then we could stop the environmental disaster of drilling here completely. We have to get off oil now!


To my not much astonishment I have heard many times on many occasions from people I associate with that the planet's population is out of control, that since ww2 we haven't had mass killings and such rubbish as a way to justify America's mass murders and illegal and immoral wars. The other bone head utterly stupid things I hear from the right wingnuts is that the planet has been through so much change over time so as to tell me not to worry there's nothing we can do about it. And the 3rd idiotic statements come from the bible freaks who believe in end days, Armageddon horse shit. I am sure many here have heard similar variants emanating mostly from the "white" mostly uneducated Americans..


Responders et al,

Seems to me at least a single positive step has been taken, via fiat as per the headline of the article and this paragraph:

""Americans have spoken time and again about the perils of Arctic drilling," Sakashita said. "It’s gratifying to see these leases finally cancelled and now it’s time to declare the Arctic off-limits to drilling forever."

Never ceases to amaze me so many ignore the Legislative branch of the US
government if the hope of many is to materialize must act. After all they too were elected by someone if not most of those who post here.



You must acknowledge as well that there is no question whatsoever that right now in the US there reigns corporate control of governance. Sure there are a few representatives in the House or a couple in the Senate who actually fight for their constituents over the interests of the ultra rich and powerful but that is the exception.

That fact must be acknowledged otherwise the point you are trying to make relative to "the voters" or non-voters is actually an argument that such a power paradigm is not currently in place which of course is utterly false.


"Citing "current market conditions" and "low industry interest," as well as Shell's recent decision to scrap its Arctic drilling plans, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell declared that two offshore lease sales scheduled for 2016 and 2017 would be cancelled."

Still talking in terms of the last century and ignoring the gorilla looking over her shoulder.

(And certain climate activists - pant, pant - saying the administration has seen the light, ignoring the Interior Secretary's own words. Pathetic. Really pathetic. Compulsive stylized theater that has gone beyond astonishment in me to a kind a dull pain. Nevertheless, we can rejoice for the moment in what has, in fact, happened in this case.)


Maybe jowimo, even one small step, is better than none? I wonder if those from Greenpeace who hanged off that bridge in Seattle and the kayakers who tried to stop the non-workable Shell drilling rig, may share some joy in this, agreed,
very small step?

Seems like even this small step tends to upset some of those on the right. URL below though few will bother to read any opinions other than their own.



Actually, Psychedellic_Chicken, to acknowledge, as you insist, appears as there is no hope. Time to crawl into a hole cover up with a rock and give up on even the hope for change.