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Bypassing Democratic Party, Billionaire Tom Steyer Pours $110 Million into Impeach Trump and Get-Out-the-Vote Organizing


Bypassing Democratic Party, Billionaire Tom Steyer Pours $110 Million into Impeach Trump and Get-Out-the-Vote Organizing

Julia Conley, staff writer

Investing in the promotion of issues and strategies that too many establishment Democratic leaders have avoided, billionaire hedge fund manager and activist Tom Steyer announced plans this week to pour $110 million into the 2018 midterm elections with the intent of unseating as many Republicans in Congress as possible and weakening President Donald Trump's hold on power.


Steyer has the right idea. Evade the gatekeepers at all costs. Move the goal posts to fit your agenda, not their status quo plans.
Turn about is fair play, especially so in politics. Go Tom, go!


Hey, the cabals have been swirling the chaos machine to their advantage - but they forget that after a certain point they’re no longer immune to it.

Be very attentive, engaged and ready for false flags / hyper violence / you name it… don let it throw you.

remember the admonition:

They tried to bury us. They didn’t realize that we are seeds.


Funny how everyone hates billionaires and money, and people buying elections, except of course when someone’s doing it on their side…


The fake and corrupt opposition, just more proof of being the more effective evil!


Funny how the Duopoly makes Americans choose sides.

Politics by Division.


They get you coming and going PonyBoy!


Wow. You are fine with billionaires deciding who’s in and who’s out, eh?

Long live democracy?

To hell with all billionaires and their ass-kissing subjects.


Nothing like firing up the right by talking about impeachment. Steyer sure knows how to lose elections. Someone should sit down and talk to this guy.


I’m just supporting Ralph Nader’s strategy. If you have a problem with that, tell Ralph.


Wasn’t it Ralph Nader who wrote a book not too long ago with a title something like “Only the Billionaires can save us” ?


Lay on the couch and let the Dr. finish asking you all the questions, please.
I’m sure the analysis will help, eventually.


Choose your overlords carefully!


Ralph is responsible for what you wrote? Did you read the book? Ralph is usually smart but questionable on that one. It was a disjointed story then and it still is.

So you prefer Pence and whatever crew he brings along with him after Trump? How about regime change Hillary and Biden?

110 million dollars thrown into social evolution accelerating at an accelerating rate right along with Cosmos. Money is not what is needed. In the information age, directed force is focus of cosmic powered biology manifest as human; the 99% knowing it knows more than cannibal capitalists do.

Cosmic powered biology manifest as human knows billionaires play monopoly as adults and the world is their board game to cheat and privatize Life and Earth.


Lrx, all the world must be one giant triangle for you.


Young college students are nice and all but that’s low hanging fruit.
Who we need to register to vote are the young adults working low wage jobs.
That’s who we really need to mobilize!


Yes, this is an issue. Trump and Pence need to go together as a package deal – that gets us to the new Speaker of the House.


mrsannhitts, I’ve written Tom suggesting that an effective use on his money would, IMHO, be buying the rights to the 1998 Warren Beatty film “Bulworth” (which is the most radical film that Americans were ever allowed to see only briefly – and running it on TV heavily for several weeks.

Whether he likes my advice or not, it is absolutely clear that in order to ignite a completion of what our fore-fathers started 242 years ago in the first part of the American “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage’s definitive history of that one], and building any consensus for a sufficiently popular resistance and a peaceful Revolutionary ‘Movement’ will require the first step of ‘tagging’, ‘belling’, excoriating, and nailing Trump for what he actually is — which is an Emperor, as Emperor Trump (not a president).

In this vein, The only good thing about Emperor Trump is that ‘we the American people’ are now WakingTF–up to the fact that we need to, as my only demonstration, march, and protest sign simply shouts-out:


and on the reverse side, under the image of ‘our’ (not the Emperor’s) American flag:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

With Emperor Trump’s recent ‘reality show’ of ‘lording over’ NATO, the EU,
and all European countries — which suffered through the First and
Second World Wars of Empires — it is, IMHO, now far beyond time to, put
down both Emperor Trump and this damn disguised global capitalist EMPIRE.

But fortunately because of how obvious, overt, ugly, and dangerous this most Imperial Emperor Trump is acting, “the “Times” they are a changin”:

When was the last time we saw the names Chomsky, Hedges, and Street openly mentioned in the “Times”?

So the “Times” they are a changin — and as LBJ is said to have reacted when Walter Cronkite came back from the slaughter of Empire War in Vietnam and ‘exposed’ this worst crime of militarist Empire on National TV, LBJ said “If we’ve lost Cronkite — I’ve lost the war”

“Emperor Trump 2020? — that dog don’t hunt”!

So, if Tom Steyer wants to put some money in printing a few thousands of my DUMP EMPEROR TRUMP signs he could get a better price than I get for 50 or 100 at a time.

But the fact remains, IMHO, Trump has to be identified as an EMPEROR — and we have to alerted and warned about Emperor Trump making our country into an Empire:

Hell. if the “Times” prints it then “it must be fit to print” and learn about Empires, both external, like the British Empire, Nazi Empire, Japanese Empire, Soviet Empire (the “Evil Empire” — aren’t they all, Ronnie?) and internal (only ‘nominally’ HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as our former country under the boot of this new 21st century style; Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE composed of these seven sectors; corporate, financial, militarist, media/propaganda, extra-legal, CFR ‘Plot-Tanks’, and of course the dual-party Vichy-political facade of faux-democracy.


It’s not the 99% anymore. It’s the 90%ers. Anyway, it seems you have an issue with Ralph. So does The Uniparty. Coincidence?
I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day.


Hello mrsannhitts,

I have enjoyed the wonderful Ralf Nader my entire adult life. Voted for him, too. Did you read only quadrillionairs can save us? Even Babe Ruth struck out sometimes. And it was still fun.

My point is throwing a hunnert mill at 13.7 billion years of accelerating evolution is like building an oven to bake pie in the sky. First off; what will be the actual impact of 100 million info net finance data bits swept along with Cosmos expanding at an accelerating rate?

Start evolving with the first two quarks that came together and mated. Cosmic powered biology began with and is part of Cosmos. Stand firm. Go forward without mega money of any kind.

One hundred million dollars can heal many yet not all past damages. Cash cannot assist autonomous democracy going forward. Independent green socialists think green, live green and vote green. That’s all it takes, eventually. Money can’t buy that.