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C’mon, Just Say It!


C’mon, Just Say It!

Mike Lofgren

According to an Annenberg survey, only a quarter of Americans can correctly name the three branches of the federal government. Is that sad fact, like the weather, something that just happens, beyond anyone’s control? Or does something make Americans resistant to the most elementary information? Could the manner in which that information is conveyed to them be so needlessly complex and hedged that people just give up and prefer blissful ignorance?


Although many won’t admit it, GOP operatives all know that Trump is the best thing that ever happened to the Party. They also know that the timing could not be better for Trump to provide 24/7 distraction (that would make Goebbels green with envy) while the GOP stacks courts and pushes regressive legislation through during the dark of night that they have struggled for decades to consummate.


I do think he has been compromised without realizing what he is doing-----just like democrats and republicans think they are not influenced by big corporate money----money has a way of shaping your view point.


Trump probably is compromised by the Russians and the fact that he won’t release his tax returns suggest they hold part of the information to make a firm conclusion. But Trump and Putin also have a similar world view. Both are trying to disrupt the world order established after WWII and both oppose liberal democracy. Trump is clearly a white nationalist and Putin at least is giving support to white nationalists in Europe. Both favor authoritarian government. Putin successfully wrecked democracy in Russia and Trump is well on his way to accomplish the same thing in the US. It will probably be much harder in the US because this country has a history of almost 250 years of democracy whereas Russia only had a few years of democracy and the press and courts in Russia were only beginning to get their when Putin upended the attempt.


Wars, ie, huge, wasteful “defense” budgets and war’s distraction from #2; impending climate disaster which will destroy all life on Earth; ever expanding population growth with it’s ever expanding demands on a finite planet’s resources, aka, CAPITALISM; all three of these are the final demise of everything we know. Government and MSM are paid to ignore it all.


Right. Placing party over country…how completely predictable of Republican politicians.