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Cable-Money Recipients Try to Stop FCC from Protecting Net Neutrality



"(...) Both Upton and Thune have described Net Neutrality regulations as a “solution in search of a problem.” (...)
Rarely is the ALEC/Citizens United/TTP etc 'trade deals' stance so clearly stated - a “solution in search of a problem”.
These are marketing jingles that are quite revealing of motivations behind them.
Net Neutrality unlike the vice grip perspective of "solution", is DUE PROCESS for democracy. Hold up a mirror so Upton and Thune can see the origin of the sales pitch perspective - the entities standing right behind them and their very expensive advertising sub-contractors.


Makes sense to me that Walden wants to kill net neutrality. Until 2007, Walden was the only broadcast license holder serving in Congress. At that time, he sold his family business, Columbia Gorge Broadcasters, "citing ownership demands that conflicted with congressional duties."
(See Wikipedia.) Now his support of special interests won't be conflicted by impropriety.