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Cable News Conversation Is Far Removed From Reality of Abortion


Cable News Conversation Is Far Removed From Reality of Abortion

Janine Jackson

A majority of Americans support women’s right to abortion, a fact that’s been true for about two decades now. Support for that right actually increased after attacks on Planned Parenthood last year. And development experts have for decades, maybe centuries, identified women’s right to control family size and birth timing as critical to communities’ economic and social development.


You can’t call what Cable spews as news. Cable is so out of touch with everything - they only regurgitate their master’s morning dump. I am going to start trolling these so-call news shows, make note of any sponsors, and then let the sponsor know why I won’t be buying their product. I dumped Cable several years ago and haven’t missed a thing.
Nobody is getting abortions any more -you can get the morning after pill - it’s all hype to distract the ignorant from more serious matters and is a staple of the ultraright-wing to stir up it’s dying base (so die already) We don’t need two right wings, yeah that’s right - the Democrats are right-wing - they no longer represent the working class - look how much $ Hillary made as a public servant - how is that possible - she’s worth $45 million - I don’t think the President makes that much???.


Women need to start voting, with their feet. It’s time for all women and minorities to pack up and leave all those states that now have laws repressing their rights. The federal government is gutless and impotent. They are not coming to help. No, the time has come for all oppressed people to leave the old south and their backward assed brethren in the Great Plains. Once these already impoverished shit holes see what remains of their workforces heading for the borders, they will have but two choices, change and rejoin the human race, or die the ignominious death that these troglodytes and bigots so desperately deserve.

Good riddance Dixie. We should never have fought to keep you.


It will not be easy to ween from the addiction of canned news, inculcated into our psyche from three generations(in the united states) of force feeding the willing mind.

The representation of the event that once required cameras in place, and little talking head, has been budgetarily cut from significance for the profit of 1%.

This also goes back to the money system. If there was an equitable distribution of a valid currency, this would not be an issue.

The new media will take another generation to gather steam and take hold of the popular psyche. I am sure we will all try to make the change happen sooner But with it must come systemic change. Only then can we isolate 1% abuse.


I’ve been thinking something like this for a while, that women need to come together and enable their poor sisters to leave these states and seek better lives elsewhere. Let these conservative religious nut jobs live alone with no sex or feminine companionship. They don’t deserve to live with women.


Military women also fall under the scourge of Hyde. Military medical units are Federally funded. So they may not provide abortions.
Openly Christian senior officers can make the process of getting an abortion - which must be paid for and arranged by the service member - impossible. Especially in a combat zone. Nothing builds resentment against female troops like “she’s getting leave to go have an abortion. Bitch” Happens way to often. Even in the case of all too common rape.
Thanks to Hyde.


They won’t even cover abortions in the case of the inevitably fatal condition of anencephaly.


Except for the emotional damage caused by being forced to carry a fetus incapable of survival.