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Cable News Covers Everyone’s Speech but Sanders–Who Made the Mistake of Discussing Policy


Cable News Covers Everyone’s Speech but Sanders–Who Made the Mistake of Discussing Policy

Adam Johnson

The March 15 primary elections handed five victories to Hillary Clinton, giving the former secretary of State a 1,094-to-774 pledged delegate lead, by the New York Timescount, heading into the second half of the primary season.


NPR covered Sanders speech but he didn’t say anything. I listened to the whole thing, he was lecturing people talking about the Koch brothers, telling us that Walmart needs to pay the workers that sell Chinese products need higher wages blah blah.,… He didn’t say, “walmart needs to be selling American made products…” He never mentioned Killary or a single reason to vote for him as opposed to her. He was filled with empty platitudes, but apparently people still cheered in the audience. He didn’t say, “wow, look at that how Russia can pull out of countries we need to do the same!” He didn’t mention any key controversial items that would separate him from Killary. In the end it sounded like a concession speech.


To quote Glen Greenwald: " the rules of large media outlets…venerating faux objectivity over truth"…


Cable news is private and can do as they please-----but there should be a re-thinking of public airwaves. Its time for ABC,NBC,and CBS to go-----they should be part of the private media. The public airwaves should be geared for the public. C-span is a good example of presenting a wide range of views–C-span or something like it should be broadcast on public airwaves. I would have seen none of Sanders speeches except for U-Tube and C-Span.—Maybe some how make U-Tube part of public TV. And the internet a public utility.


This past Summer it was wall to wall Trump on cable----not one Sanders speech when he was getting large crowds.------Now these same commentators ask why is Trump so popular??? These cable networks are no different from Trump—they exploit racism,hate and violence-and fail to address real issues in any meaningful way.


I’m not going to listen to a candidate speak for an hour after the primary voting but the cable networks should have given Sanders some air time. Trump’s speech seemed kind of long. When he came on I switched to watching basketball and kept checking to see if he had finished and then went back to basketball. I would have thought Sanders would have congratulated Clinton and then gave a brief speech on why he is continuing but I guess he had other ideas. As long as Sanders can keep raising money he can continue. He is facing a lot of closed primaries during the next couple of months which does not bode well for his chances but he may has well give it his best effort and see what happens.


Perhaps if he called Hillary a lying @@@@ he would get press.


I have a one track mind with a train wreck on it. I love Bernie’s integrity and support him for president. If Hillary wins the nomination, I won’t vote for a continuation of Obama’s administration. The Green Party promotes many of Bernie’s ideas and wants to draw down the military. Many won’t vote Green because they don’t think Jill can win. I say, “why not”.
Bernie will endorse Hillary because he pledged he would, but I think he will be hopeful that all his supporters will vote Green. If Sandernistas stayed united we could have an honest government and a woman president too.