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Cable TV Ignores Inequality; Here’s How to Get Around It

Cable TV Ignores Inequality; Here’s How to Get Around It

Josh Hoxie

If you saw even a single Bernie Sanders speech during his insurgent 2016 presidential bid, or during his 30 years in public office prior, you know he’s worried about rising economic inequality.

The big question he wants to know is, why aren’t you just as worried?

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Somebody’s dignity should not be based in the profit of a firm.” No, it shouldn’t.


At least Sanders is invited to appear on “news” shows. (Ever seen Chomsky? Hedges?) Anyone else with Sanders beliefs and/or politics is usually ignored or treated as a oddball (Kucinich comes to mind). Sanders has fine-tuned the skill of walking the fine line between real and oblivion. His message resonates with the majority of the country. Sanders would be president today if not for Hilllary’s turn.


I just did, the third voice (the second was Hedges) I heard was that of Richard Wolff. He is superb. I listen to him often on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=richard+wolff
Wolff, and people like him, should be serving the public in government, not the CEO of Goldman.

I’ll watch the entire movie today when I get a chance. It looks great. Thank you.

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I too was impressed with Darrick Hamilton. He’s a voice for the present and future.

Cable TV does not ignore inequality, it thrives upon it. Oprah’s wealth was amassed by concentrating eyeballs. So was Peyton Manning’s. So was Megyn Kelly’s, Rachel Maddow’s, etc. How about CNBC? To expect cable TV to give meaningful acknowledgment to inequality is to expect to live on a diet of unicorn dung. The revolution won’t be televised. There will be no money in it…

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Thanks for the article. Watching local and national news last night it was all about tradegy, violence of women, Black/Hispanic men and women, violence towards animals, the horrendous weather without mentioning climate change. I know of many good things going on and sure a lot I don’t know. Where is that in the new, nowhere. Okay, the kids are getting a little attention with their fight for safety and protection from guns.

I was at the point of saying what is the use if your so called lamestreet media is the 1% and working only for them. Fear, hate, racism, division of we the people. Manipuation in its highest form.