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Cadre of DNC Insiders Plot Return of Super Delegates to Stop Sanders at Convention

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/31/cadre-dnc-insiders-plot-return-super-delegates-stop-sanders-convention-0


If Sanders wins an actual majority of delegates (would be fantastic) and is denied the nomination, that is the end of the Democratic party as we now know it and it is 100% certain the nominee whoever it is will lose due to voter backlash. Is the DNC really this stupid? I know they don’t want Sanders to win but are they willing to burn the house down to stop him?

If Sanders only wins a plurality of delegates, then we already know Superdelegates are in the mix but even then, there is the same potential disaster. Perhaps if they can argue two or three candidates sum up to more than Sanders who are more aligned so the winner they pick could have been the RCV winner, but I don’t see that working - they are still courting disaster.

Go Bernie! Iowans don’t let us down!


Democrats are so preoccupied with smashing the populist progressive uprising that they are going to lose to Trump, exactly like they did in 2016. At the end of the day this is desirable to 99.9% of the democrats if compared to a popular movement for progressive and popularly supported reform. This is just as Trumps current presidency is far preferable to Democrats over Sander’s having won in 2016 and currently being president.


It isn’t all that obvious yet but Trump’s virtually assured acquittal tonight (also Trump has yet to win re-election) is a sign of our democracy in retreat. Pelosi did a lousy job as limiting it to only two articles and not calling more witnesses was shown in comparison to McConnell’s lack of pretense about a fair trial. Now the old game returns where the Repubs do what the oligarchy wants and the Dems pretend that they oppose it.

Only it’s that Bernie is in the mix and they don’t know how to go back to the old normal with Bernie looking like he will win. In other words the Dems don’t really know how to be for the little guy, the working class and those FDR like social things like M4A and free tuition that people want but the oligarchy doesn’t. See these Dem elites know that if Bernie wins and people like his administration that come their reelection then even the Dem elites will lose to challenges by non elite, non centrist Dem opposition. It all hangs on Bernie but they are seeing at how Americans will accept losing real democracy thanks to this sham of a Senate trial and that leaves the centrists emboldened. This new ball game will feature open dirty tricks and deceit as well as blatant cronyism and corruption rather than during the old ball game where they pretended that that wasn’t happening.


99.9% of the DNC maybe - not even 50% of Democrats as a whole want that and I hope it is a lot less than that (we’ll see how well Bernie does which will give us an idea).

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I hate to say it, but I think it’s unlikely that Sanders will get more than 50% of the delegates. He barely pulls 20% right now (some polls show more), and with the DNC pushing Bloomberg down our throats (they changed the debate qualifications to allow Bloomberg on the stage right after he gave them three hundred grand), it will be impossible for Bernie to win on the first round.
Then the superdelegates come into play, and I don’t think the DNC is going to worry enough about voters’ reactions to Bernie being screwed again, to elect him the nominee.
I hope I’m wrong.


they’re not going to let him win.

the more pertinent question is, when this inevitably happens, is whether or not after years of this same bloody song and dance, will decent Democrats finally do something besides wait to get fooled again in 2-4 more years as they always do?

can some of you guys at least consider embracing a plan b?


I’d like to believe this, but democrat voters like what they vote for, nothing else. Failure to acknowledge responsibility for their own decisions is not an unacceptable defense for the apocalyptic consequences of those decisions, which impact us all - plants, animals, republicans, progressives, and democrats alike. Bernie,s votes come from the 100 million Americans who otherwise don’t vote, not from the Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and Clinton voting bloc, This is why Clinton didn’t get their votes after fixing the primaries in 2016 against Sanders. A true progressive would not vote right wing for any reason. Democrats - excepting about .1%, are right wing.


Sanders has to run against both the Repubs. and the centrist corporate Democrats. It is sort of like there is practically three parties.
The idea that they would “burn the house down” has credence (imo). After all the centrists need a Trump to make them look like Democrats-slightly lefty-but not much. A Sanders victory would make them look like the crooked, pay to play, compromised slime that they are. A true game changer that would be.


If these fascists do this, I will never support a democrat again


All I can say is that if they do this…prepare for four more years of Trump. Say goodbye to the Supreme Court and ever getting control back because they will have the control to rig the system even more to keep them in power forever. We will be a fascist dictatorship.


“they’re not going to let him win…when this inevitably happens…can some of you guys at least consider embracing a plan b?”

(1) Unless and until that happens, I am trying to be optimistic about Sanders’ recent rise, and am canvasing and phone banking and contributing to add my little bit to such chances as he has.

(2) Far as I can tell, drone1066, CD has its fair share of Greens and other third party voters - who, based on posts, will vote for Sanders this time…but go back to Greens in future.

If the Democratic establishment were to outright change the revised rules to block a Sanders nomination, it seems clear it would not only cause a lot of Sanders supporters - the young, especially - to vote third party or stay home, but that it would blow apart the DP for a long time…maybe forever, given how that would speed the rise of the right.

I guess the question then would be the future political attitudes and action of a totally ripped off gen x generation and the no-future generations behind them as they became a majority in an extreme right wing state.

Dolgen’s post above lays out what I guess could be seen as a ‘middle’ rigged election scenario, which might or might not cause the same abandonment of the DP by large parts of its progressive near-half.

I really don’t know what a viable plan b would be…hoping my son gets a good deal at McGill next fall so my family can get out of the US…what are you thinking?


Whether their favorite or Dumbf wins, they will be happy because it continues their cash flow no matter what. FUCK 'EM!!!


Keep in mind that it is early and their are still those idiots without a chance of winning not quitting. Lots of votes held captive right now.

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Should all this speculation come to pass then FINALLY it is time to start a TRUE “People’s Party” with Sanders-the-INDEPENDENT leading the charge.


Losing once is one thing (and I agree some of them are fine with that). Destroying the party completely is a different matter - it will likely affect most of them negatively.


THAT is the frightening part. I fear americans are wussies-without-fight. I hope I’m wrong but the past tells that story.


dara, the party won’t disappear. It will still exist and only have millionaires and morons for members. And may they all rot in hell!


Such as??? I posted mine in this thread, what is yours.

The DNC insiders really does not want to win the 2020 Prez elections.