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Cadre of DNC Insiders Plot Return of Super Delegates to Stop Sanders at Convention

Folk are planning to protest th power structure’s efforts to have a right-leaning Dem selected as the Party’s nominee: ex. Coalition to March on the Democratic National Convention - marchondnc. org/

Meanwhile, the forces of State violence are readying themselves for an unprecedented level of oppression and attacks aimed at silencing demonstrators. www.washingtontimes. com/news/2020/jan/19/milwaukee-announces-dnc-convention-security-zone/


Money is going to do what money does. Own the election.


Americans are not wussies but we have been really betrayed by our media. Americans literally depend on our media to tell us what we think. Notice how I phrased that. We are constantly told how we think about stuff. That was always the case but decades ago, our media was not so homogenous. Some said this and some said that etc. now despite Fux News appearing so different from the pack, it really only depends on which issue. They’ll defend Trump while another media flavor doesn’t (to some extent)!

Which media criticizes the extensive grasp of the oligarchy? None. Which TV network presents a progressive perspective in the same way that CD does? None. Now I am an old coot and can remember that there were more ‘differences’ in our media flavors. More independence. Walter Cronkite came out against the Vietnam War to a great extent. It made a difference. There was an identity that was something to strive for in reporting the news accurately. Not so much anymore. Major networks, newspapers and stations are all owned by mega corporations and the independents have all but disappeared. You get a few once in a while. Tonight one host pointed out that the Senate doesn’t represent people - the House does. 2 senators per state regardless of population. California gets 39 House representatives while a far less populated N. Dakota gets 1. That is democracy he says but the senate is not. I was surprised. It reminded me of back when I was young. Americans were used to hearing the truth from somebody on issues. Now we are used to hearing pretty much the same thing from everybody. The reporter was obviously taken aback at what the Senate did to the Constitution. He knew we the American people lost a lot tonight. That was rare and I admire that man for saying it. That kind of reporting of the truth of things has almost disappeared and in its place we usually get ‘consensus of opinion’ commentary. All that means is everybody follows the usual script. Fux News on one extreme and the others are not quite as extreme in contrast.

We aren’t wusses. We are uninformed. We try to be informed but our ordinary sources of information all say the same stuff. Readers of CD and that kind of reporting are not typical. We make the extra effort needed to understand things independently of the corporate media. Most Americans do not.

Not wusses so much as we no longer know how not to be that way. We on average, no longer know how to form a differing opinion about big issues. We don’t have the context anymore. It is as simple as that. We don’t know any better… literally.



here is the real gold poll in iowa. 80% are going to caucus or likely to go.
4,8% error rate surprising compared to their earlier work.
Hillary hit Bernie today for not unifying the dem party in 2016 for her.


Bernie has a whole lot of people behind him and the Powers That Be know it. However the sham Senate trial will result of convincing many undecideds and independents to get behind Bernie too. They have started to realize that just maybe that he is right after all. The way things went in the trial tonight was unamerican and they know it. A lot of better educated people like lawyers and judges saw something that is actually scary. We lost something tonight when our Senators failed to support the Constitution. It actually is scary to think about. You can almost hear the first boot step of fascism off in the distance if this crap isn’t corrected. Leaving things stand like this is bad news for democracy. I am thinking that Bernie got a lot more support tonight (last night).


If I may ask where are you thinking of going? Also I think you are right. A lot of people still don’t understand what the DNC gang did to Sanders last time and you didn’t need to be a sleuth to see those machinations.


Yes I saw that I’m The NY Times which strangely did not allow comments. Every time they have a negative story about Sanders they get a huge majority of push back comments and then they disappear the story and comments real fast.


I doubt it is 99% of democrats, since going against Hillary, he had 40 % of the party’s vote. But they do have control of the party (the 60%). They are the ones with money and are entrenched.

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So, how can they loose? If Trump wins, they win that way too.


Reinstatement of the super delegates would, of course, be further confirmation that the US is an authoritarian state, with scant resemblance to a democracy. But apparently this is of no concern to the leadership of the Democratic Party.


As long as the Dems answer to big monied interests, there will be no hope for real change. With Bernie as President, our current capitalism-über-alles system would be threatened. The Dems betrayed us a long time ago. Expecting them to do the right thing is akin to hoping corporations are going to do the right thing (they and the DNC are one and the same). It isn’t going to happen. We are paralyzed by fear, paralyzed by making that first vital step that could save this country and give the planet hope for the future. Yet it’s a step we have to make.


The Cold War is not over, it is internalized. And the oligarchs are banging their shoes on the table, yelling “we will bury you”.

It has always been a struggle to uplift the workers, women, poor, minorities against the overlords. The era of the 50’s through 70’s in this country was an anomaly, and our heroes were unceremoniously killed off. This is a war. Not between the left and right. This is a war between the haves and the have nots. It is necessary to strike at the underbelly of our enemy.

It is also a battle for the survival of the species of this planet. If this concept alone doesn’t align the warring forces of today into linking arms against a much greater foe, then nothing will. And in that case, bend over and kiss your butt goodbye.


What they DID do was boo every time the hillary’s name was mentioned! Bernie2020


The Clinton plan (and have no doubts, this is all controlled by the Clinton cabal) was to fold. Either things get so bad under Trump that the weary and beaten down democratic electorate would welcome the neocon Biden with open arms, or, in lieu of another populist uprising, run so many candidates that no one could possibly win over 2000 delegate votes and thus throw the convention to the floor. With the stunning weakness of Joe Biden, and the DNCs inability to create another neocon in the form of Buttigieg or Klobachar, it appears Plan B is now the only option left.
A long awaited civil war is may finally occurs within the Party. Let’s hope.


The Democratic primary convention in 2016 ended in chaos. Bernie’s delegates were not allowed to be seated or take the floor to speak, as planned. I still remember Bernie watching in disgust as all of this unfolded, while he kept his promise to support gloating Hillary.
Never again! It is time to form a People’s Party.


Miracles do happen! Last time team-Hillary won six coin tosses in a row beating all odds of a 98.44% chance that this outcome would not occur by chance.

We must speak out now to prevent a catastrophic disaster of the exodus of Youth from the DNC/RNC - which would only tighten the wealth death-grip on our economy.

If fait accompli, there will be a MASSIVE write-in campaign (mine, at least) Rump will win and the media will savage Sanders and the left. Probably already the plan of the DNC/RNC twins; they both dance to the tune of the Billionaires today. SSDD


The DNC, a private 501c3 corporation, made it clear in a 2017 Federal Court, they decide the rules and the candidate. Primary voting is a propaganda rigged process to make one believe they have participated in ‘democracy’.

Want to reform literally remake the democrat party? Meet me in Milwaukee. It is truly a matter of life or death. I warn you! The security state goons will be in full force to stop us.

Democrat National Convention
July 13-16, 2020
Fiserv Forum
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I haven’t seen a recent poll on this, but six months ago, Emerson reported that 26% of Sanders voters would vote for Trump over Liz Warren if she was the nominee.

On the PBS NewsHour last night, David Brooks cited a figure of 52% for voters who would support only Bernie.

Meanwhile, Hillary attacked Bernie big time in another interview yesterday.

Bernie or Bust is a thing.


On the bright side, the formation of truly leftie third party would be a good thing.


Well, here we go again!! The DNC, DCCC and the DLC are all trying to stop Bernie and Elizabeth. Why you ask?? For the simple reason that the money will stop flowing to the well endowed!! The 1% of the ENTIRE
country wants the PROGRESSIVES to go and just fade away. Well, I’ve got news for the likes of Barney Franks, John Podesta and Tom Perez go suck a hot muffler on a Harly assholes!! just the other day Donna “TRAITOR” Brazille had an article stating that Hillary did in fact have something to do with the 2016 election
shenanigans. I believed the “FIX” was in all along… We just have to SHOW UP AND VOTE FOR THE PROGRESSIVES on all tickets!!! REMEMBER This may be our last chance to save our country and it’s long standing DEMOCRACY!!