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CAIR Seeks Motive in Shooting Deaths of 3 North Carolina Muslims


CAIR Seeks Motive in Shooting Deaths of 3 North Carolina Muslims

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

WASHINGTON - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today called on law enforcement authorities to address speculation about a possible bias motive for the killing of three young Muslims who were shot in the head yesterday in Chapel Hill, N.C.



Duke University has found a story and a headline that it can rejoice in. And surely all that they desire from this story is more Moslem bashing. It certainly provides an opportunity for the commenters here and elsewhere to denigrate Moslems. But make no mistake about it: It was Duke that began the religious war on Moslems at Chapel Hill. Duke gave rise to the tension that resulted in the brutal killing of these three Moslem students. Duke has blood on its hands. First they call Moslems to prayer just to provide an opportunity and a forum for hateful comments all over the media. Then they halt the call to prayer for Moslems just to provide another opportunity for more Moslem bashing. And it was all planned in advance with the motive to demean and dishonor Moslems. A scumbag of a university it is. They knew exactly what they were doing. And where is the outrage from the administrators of Duke? We see none. No doubt they are rejoicing in what has taken place. If this had been a hottie (Christian) Duke coed getting some forcible semen up her tight rectum we would have no doubt witnessed outrage from the Duke administrators. The kind of outrage that is sorely missing here. But their fling with the Moslem call to prayer was always a diversion created by their PR people. A diversion from the publicity surrounding the consistent rape of their sexy and irresistible bitches. The sexy bitches that inhabit their campus. The sexy bitches that the Duke male loves to hold down tight as he releases his seminal fluid deep within. Deep within the gorgeous buttocks of the Duke female. Their sexy female bitches were getting some serious cock deep within their well-rounded creamy buttocks under the spotlight of the national and international media. These sexy Duke women had no privacy at all. .

And the timing of this horrific crime is weird. It takes place one day before and is reported in the news media the same day that President Obama is asking Congress to authorize ground troops to combat ISIS. It is almost as if an incident of this magnitude was required to prove to the nation that we are at war with Islam. No doubt this will be the spin that will be put on the story by Megyn Kelly and the two Irish boys who sandwich her in prime time and who get to enjoy her gorgeous buttocks as part of their contract at Fox News.

And you certainly won’t hear from them about how unusual it is for this so-called perpetrator to turn himself in after a crime of this nature. What does he have to lose by hiding out? But he is part of something much bigger than himself. Identifying Craig Stephen Hicks as the shooter means that our minds will no longer wonder who is behind this crime. And adding his middle name so that we have three complete names in front of us makes the charge that he is the perpetrator all the more believable.

But if the perpetrator was still at large, our minds focus only on who did it. Now our minds are perfectly free to focus on only one thing: Muslims. And how much we hate them.

Turning himself in was obviously part of the deal. But he clearly had powerful forces behind him. And the hateful stuff that he supposedly wrote about Muslims on Facebook as a prelude to this crime is only an attempt by the media to establish that he was acting alone. A Facebook type of story surrounding a crime is typical of the way the media attempts to convince us that whoever has been charged with the crime is indeed the real assailant. Facebook is a powerful tool at the fingertips of the Establishment.