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Calfornia Feeling the Bern as Sanders Virtually Erases 50-Point Deficit




We are not sunk yet. We have a real shot at overthrowing the Red Tyrant Queen here.


California, it's up to you now! Change the political dynamic and corrupt politics as usual with a big win for Bernie Sanders! As in many other contests, the true support for Sanders and his/our critical issues is far greater than seen in polls. You can make this year one to remember, one that will bring change that's been promised, but never delivered in recent memory! In unity is the strength we need to succeed!

Bernie or Bust!


Clinton's San Jose and San Francisco rallys will fit in well with her monthly private fundraisers with her Silicon Valley bag men.


A couple of days ago, tweety bird Chris Matthews, told Bernie's campaign manager to his face that NBC will be calling the nomination for Clinton on June 7th very early, hours before the polls close in California.

The key in California, as in the other primaries, is turnout, and I am surprised that Bernie is not mentioning this on the stump. Californians should be implored to go vote regardless of what NBC says. Clinton will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to win the nomination no matter what.


The pollsters interviewed democrats but California has an open primary -- this bodes especially well for Sanders, as does the added coverage of a debate with Trump.


If Bernie and Trump debate, it makes Shillary look even worse for dropping out, especially when Bernie trounces Cheeto man handily. I bet the DNC is all up in arms that Trump invited Bernie and he accepted. Ha!


This whole issue of Clinton's elect-ability, respectability, and her trust worthiness are greatly in question. The new inspector generals report states the private server was not in compliance with their laws and regulations on handling government information. She destroyed evidence. Its not her decision to make what is private and what is public the laws that government make it clear that she would never be approved to have a home server. SHE HID HER ACTIONS TO AVOID THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT. AND PUBLIC DISCLOSURE LAWS. I WOULD NOT TRUST HER TO CLEAN AN OUT HOUSE AT BOY SCOUT CAMP. People wake up, Lets demand she faces the same actions faced by those who greatly endanger our National Security. If the DOJ does not act to enforce existing laws and the Constitution of the United States, we will all have the situation of Corruption in Government laid bare for all to see.


Yes, but I think it helpful to actually mention that some networks are going to declare Hillary the nominee the night of June 7th regardless. He always mentions turnout, I'm aware of that.




I hope the voters in California know how important they have become in this race. We're counting on you to push Bernie over the finish line.
NBC will announce Hillary the winner two hours before voting ends. Now I wonder just why would they do that? To convince voters not to vote since it's over. If this isn't a low life trick to pull after all the scorn that has been placed on MSM. They have become like Fox News. Hillary cannot win no matter what. She will not have the delegates so this is some real disgusting information to be sure. I'm boycotting NBC and CNN.
Go Bernie, we are with you all the way.


I sort of find it very hard to believe these poles, Bernie should be 20 points ahead of the red queen from my assessment of discussing primaries with ordinary folk in California. I have not yet met a single person who admits liking the red queen, not even one. In the next 2 weeks the poles might reflect the reality closer but come June 7 Bernie is going to have a ball here.


Hard to believe that Hillary's and Trump's arrogance just handed the election to Bernie. Hillary will lose for not showing up, and Trump will lose for showing up. Bernie couldn't buy expose this good.


Thanks for the number, I will call too


Seriously, Ray? The plural term is rallies.


I wonder if there could be a quick, efficient crowd-sourcing mechanism through which to get an AD together... a TV ad for perhaps the L.A. market?

The AD would say, "It's up to you, California... the other 49 states are betting on you: Bernie or Bust!"

What do you think?


Maybe Were Flea will come to your defense with an argument about race car driving or magnetism?

The term is POLLS.

The word pole represents two sides of an entity, or two magnetic complementary forces.


The spelling errors (reflective of a 5th grade level of writing) suggest that ONE poster is posting using the various familiar sign-on names today.

The word LOOSE means a garment does not fit snugly.

The opposite of win is LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Pearl for the numbers! I will call the all today, I hope everyone one who reads this will call also! Let Justice Be Served


New Jersey has 142 pledged delegates and nobody seems to care. Has Bernie conceded the state to Clinton? If he is fighting for every delegate why are we not hearing more about the contest in the Garden State? It has quite a few delegates.