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California and EPA Poised to Expand Pollution of Potential Drinking Water Reserves


California and EPA Poised to Expand Pollution of Potential Drinking Water Reserves

Abrahm Lustgarten, Pro Publica

As the western United States struggles with chronic water shortages and a changing climate, scientists are warning that if vast underground stores of fresh water that California and other states rely on are not carefully conserved, they too may soon run dry.

Heeding this warning, California passed new laws in late 2014 that for the first time require the state to account for its groundwater resources and measure how much water is being used.


They haven't even done an environmental impact study???

And then, later, who can be surprised that when thousands of tons of toxic waste are pumped into the ground it doesn't always just nicely stay where it's put?

Or that when thousands of tons of toxic waste are produced there will be negative consequences?

It's articles like this that really make me question the general rationality of humanity.


It seems that the worst enemy of a human being is the reckless greed of another. What is astounding though is how that reckless greed can also end up being the worst enemy of the greedy just as well.

Who among us doesn't drink water? I guess the greedy figure that they just won't drink it later? Or maybe they figure it won't be an issue until after they are gone? Or maybe it is just that some people simply don't care about others.

When it comes to water being safe to drink... remember Flint... and beware!


You mean in lieu of the actual guilty parties... like those who worked hard to disarm the EPA and made use of lobbying companies positioned to gain for fracking companies a leniency that the public would hardly wish to see in place?


Depends upon who the "we" is that's counting.


Point taken. Reading too many of these stories can lead me to a general cynicism, but it passes.

This is just so widespread, though, you know? 700,000 wells? That sounds like a lot to me, and like @Wereflea points out, the guilty need water, too.

And the hubris! To think that pollution can be contained forever isn't really thinking at all. The carelessness and casual attitude gets to me.


Oil companies pull out a mixture of oil and water, separate out the oil, then put the water back where they got it. It's already contaminated with naturally occurring oil. It's not suitable for drinking water to begin with.