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California Back in Big Oil's Crosshairs as Feds Quietly OK Offshore Fracking



Obama is a tool.


The Pacific, because being Fukushimaed is not enough.


As most can see quite clearly, Obama is a corporatist, since day one of his election and charade as a "progressive" - an environmental ignoramus and hypocrite liar - IF he ever knew or cared about anything outside his city habitat he sure is making-up for lost time perpetrating environmental crimes! Obama is the worst environmental, habitat-animal protection failure in recent memory, including republiCons!
He is a true POS as blueseahorse so aptly labels him, very especially on environmental issues!


Californians will decide on June 7 if they want to end fracking in their state or to give Obama a third term by voting for Clinton and expanding fracking.


You are right, he has phkd up a lot of stuff but do you honestly think we would have a world left if we would have gotten McCain/Palin? Those WERE the only two choices, not saying they were good choices.


Many of us did exactly as you did. I was a delegate for him in '08 election at Colorado's state convention; did not vote for anyone for Pres in '12 (as a now 71 year old, it was 1st time in my voting life that I did not vote for Pres) (fool me once.....). I have said it before and I cannot say it enough, Obama is a fraud and he is a coward. This man has done as much as Bush v Gore to destroy many people's faith in our election process; we either get cheated by the electronic voting machines, the courts, or the party establishment or, we vote for candidates who fraudulently present themselves to be something so distant from what they are as to realize to late how we have be taken. Obama is the master seller of snake oil! His cowardice will have to wait for another discussion. The revolution is in the air. It is only a matter of time.


We live in a Fascist, or Corporate State.
* The basic reason for such a state is profit and power.
* Corporations "elect" and support the government, whose duty is to protect the corporations and their profits against any populist interference.
* It is way past time for We the People to rise up and stop this criminal conspiracy, or we must silently submit to the rape of the environment and continuing impoverishment of all but the 0.001%.
* If Bernie was to win, and We the People were to work together to support his programs, perhaps this entire criminal mess could be replaced by the Constitutional Republic we used to have, and the criminal element that currently goes by the name of government could start serving time for treason, theft, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors.


Bernie (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JANE AND BERNIE SANDERS!) and the many millions of us who support the premise: "Earth has a Right to Life", say NO to fracturing of oil bearing shale at depths of sometimes miles, with cancer-causing chemicals that ruin our clean drinking water - for quick profits, in spite of the long-term poisoning of We The People's potable water for centuries. YUGE Rally in Santa Barbara starting shortly - here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDGWLca9tNA


More like a coward!


If you think it will be no holes barred under Hillary, just imagine what DumbDonald will do with our lands and waters. I can't even allow myself to go there.


I hope you have written a letter, a physical letter, and mailed it directly to Obama, stating just what you said here. He needs to be confronted with just how we, The People feel about his sorry excuse for a president. Your post was honest and a refreshing comment. Speaking the truth about him has often been met with blind, "oh, he did the best he could.". Well I say BS to that. He barely did any work at all to focus hard on AT HOME strategies to lift the middle class. He is a coward in the full meaning of the word.


Carlin s just human. This was performed in 1996. Not relevant to this fracking b.s. going on, today, with a ruthless intensity by the banksters and their thuggy cohorts


Fracking has been PROVEN to trigger earthquakes.


I believe that when you become (P)resident that TPTB escort you to the basement theater in the WH and show you the alternative Zapruder film and say "this is how it works". Obama was a fairly reasonable guy before he got involved in this stew, ask folks from Illinois.


Fracking. Off the coast of California. Which is predicted to be expecting a major earthquake soon, at least according the frequency of historical events.

We know the powers that be have already dismissed any idea of transitioning from fossil fuels in the most urgent manner possible; but hasn't fracking been proven to cause earthquakes?

So what, we want to give California a little nudge?


Agree entirely with you. Often we know much about people by whom they quote. When running for office, and after elected, Obama quoted Reagan on numerous occasions, but never FDR.


I like earthquakes, but not when they reek havoc. (I'm a geologist, gimme a break! lol) Fracking is an unknown, a monumental lack of caring for others. Give IT up for 'One EARTH Mamma'! I say.


The young and independents were excited by and showed up to vote for Obama. They were betrayed by his turn to the right and his love feast with corporations.They stayed home the next elections. Now they have another hope and change candidate, but in Bernie's case he really means to try to better things.If the DINOs really think that these Bernie supporters will show up and vote for another liar, they may be disappointed.


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