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California Cities Wanted Big Oil to Foot the Bill for Climate Damage But Federal Judge Just Said 'No'


California Cities Wanted Big Oil to Foot the Bill for Climate Damage But Federal Judge Just Said 'No'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Disappointing climate activists and setting a troubling precedent, a federal judge on Monday tossed out a pair of lawsuits filed by the cities of Oakland and San Francisco, California that sought to hold five major fossil fuel companies financially accountable for their contributions to global warming-induced sea level rise, which has left oceanfront communities fighting increased flooding, coastal erosion, and property damage.


How can one lone person, a judge, decide the fate of millions without their consent?


Time for a revolution and heavy times ahead.


Alsup, Sucks.

It’s clear Big Oil got to him first.


As far as I can see, our power is in the day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year CHOICES we make in our lifestyles. We’ve been sold a bill of goods by a system that lauds only that which it can tap with its magic wand and rename to its purposes. Its vocabulary and hence its capacity to move beyond insecure narcissism is that of an adolescent with with a self-inflicted wound that will never heal. The re-evolution means nothing if individuals and communities keep sucking the tit of the corporate scam. The juice is not nutritious.

Sometimes our choices on a path to true liberty to exercise responsibility for our society might be possible to see only in embracing a spectrum of diversity of people(s) and the breadth of creativity.


This doesn’t surprise me at all.Same goes with the Muslim ban, I’m even less surprised by that decision. The climate crisis is overall, far more important than who we allow to visit the USA. The courts usually side with big business and the taxpayers are left holding the bag, so to speak. They get stuck cleaning up the messes left by all sorts of destruction left in the wake of industrial processes. If the regulations were firmly in place to begin with products would cost more or wouldn’t be made at all. Then the taxpayers wouldn’t be charged with the cleanup. That’s what as the ‘super fund’ sites are all about. These shouldn’t have been allowed in the first place. Toxins are left in the wake of many chemical plants. Toxic waste that gets back into the ground water we depend on for life. Sometimes whole towns are built over filled in toxic dumps. Just look up Love Canal in NY for an eye opening story. There are others too that have had to be moved because the toxins were too deadly to live over.
Now it’s the atmosphere that’s too dirty for living. The CO2 spewed from burning fossil fuels has started to destabilize the climate and the energy companies are to blame. We could have done something different starting at the beginning of last century. LA, CA used to have electric trains in the 30’s of last century. The big oil corps forced a change to rid LA of the trains and use autos instead. Now it’s just a giant clogged freeway with tons of pollution all due to bad energy policies. The courts will side with the corps that always have. Meanwhile the climate is being destabilized and there isn’t any federal leadership that gives a crap about it, the money’s too great. We people suffer as the world will eventually heat beyond survivability.


Blame big oil? Perhaps you should blame the individuals who brought big oil into California. Who signed off on the land to have them there? It’s not like big oil bullied themselves into the state of California. I am sure some of the elected officials from California are getting banked rolled by oil money. Perhaps more research should be done on how big oil was let into California. Now you want to sue big oil, when you should be looking at your elected officials. California has major financial issues, so the answer is to take cheap shots at major corporations to fix California budget crises? Plus up on the judge to realize that a court system already backlogged on cases does not need more cases on pipe dreams. Even lf the judge ruled on the side of California, the big oil would have filed against the claim and costing tax payers more money. California needs to fix their own problems, and get serious with their government.


Interesting: a compilation of countries with the best and worst democracies. Among the best, the US is ranked 21st, not much of a leader.


Well they certainly are not going to be punished by the very system they worked so hard to purchase. They get the profits we get the bill…in this case that bill is merely the destruction of our environment. Business as usual…


If there is a solution, you are pointing in it’s general direction. But I don’t think there is anymore…


Big oil will follow the corp. game plan for screwing the citizens.
They have extracted our resource, paying pennies on the dollar of it’s value in most cases.
Sold this resource to the public (sometimes at extremely high profit margins), knowing the damage being done to the environment.
All the while, using their profits from our resource to crush any competition from sustainable energy sources.
The public will pay for the ramifications of using a dirty energy source for so long.
In the end, when oil has been replaced as a energy source, their refinery locations will be placed on the superfund list, and another cleanup bill will be paid by the public.
Great model, if you can get it.


Big oil owns many federal judges, and this reeks of dirty judge; however, we the world will prevail in love and kindness, and earth justice will prevail.


Dear Judge Alsup---------BUT Exxon and others knew for sure in the 1970s that oil was polluting the world========they knew long ago and hid the science------HOW can you overlook the prior scientific knowledge and all the lies to cover it up? WHAT have you been supping?