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California Democrats Call for End to Seemingly Endless Afghanistan War


California Democrats Call for End to Seemingly Endless Afghanistan War

Tom Gallagher

The California Democratic Party has called for defunding the Afghanistan War, apparently the first state party to do so – in the war’s seventeenth year. At their San Diego convention last weekend, California Democrats adopted a platform advocating “ending air strikes in Afghanistan, ... a timetable for the withdrawal of all American military forces and military contractors” and opposing “further appropriations for such operations except those necessary for safe and orderly withdrawal of our troops.”


The first note of political common sense - from my favorite state, California, and from what appear to be real democrats.


From the article:

“Now the hard part – persuading the state’s congressional delegation to actually stop voting continued funding for a war that cannot be won…”

Do you mean Pelosi and Feinstein? LOL! There’s still only one Barbara Lee, more’s the pity.


Can you name a better state?


Where would the US get its opiates?


"a war that creates more enemies than it eliminates, now confronting enemies – like ISIS – that didn’t even exist before the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan"
Just like the CIA armed and trained Osama bin Laden in the 1980s (not to mention spending millions of our tax money spreading his rabid ideology!), they armed and trained groups around 2004 and 2005 that were against President al-Assad in an effort to overthrow him. The USA is still working on eliminating President Assad and removing Syria from the Russian sphere of influence. Meanwhile, some of the groups trained and armed by the CIA joined/ formed ISIS. So much for “America’s finest,” they seem to have a sound plan for perpetual war!


“California democratic party” takes first baby step in opposition to us war against Afghanistan. Now second step is for the us military ie the service members to stop fighting and the veterans to start protesting against the war as did those drafted military veterans in the Vietnam War (debacle)


Based on what criteria?


Based on Political outcomes, candidates, whatever. Just curious is all.


It is well past time for us to understand that we were stuck with this Destroyer of Empires when the Shrub dug in for a fight instead of a surgical strike that may or not have ended the reason for our ill advised invasion. America has no mandate from anyone outside of the MIC to continue these counter productive excursions. When we are invited then is the time to consider our obligations not just assume that we are always correct,
WE cannot feed and educate our children to the norm of other developed nations bit a new fleet of aircraft carriers, the only question is, “are you going to stick with grey?”


The simple answer: because Amerika is a fascist, military dictatorship that keeps on making the war profiteers $$$$$$$$!


It’s too late now to hope for change from our establishment–“the government” as it now exists, or the business interests that control it, or the media corporations that enable and subsist off of the toxic emptiness in our collective consciousness.
The time has come for true democracy–a pact among the civilized INDIVIDUALS of the world–to renounce plunder and power plays, on the personal as well as the macro-social levels. We have to look forward and upward.
It’s time to serve our progeny and not just our ancestors.