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California Democrats Shock Diane Feinstein; Favor Opponent 54% to 37%

California Democrats Shock Diane Feinstein; Favor Opponent 54% to 37%

Common Dreams staff

California Democrats shocked Senator Dianne Feinstein by not endorsing her for re-election at their state convention Sunday.

Conservative Democrat Feinstein won just 37 percent of the 2,775 delegates’ votes, versus 54 percent for her challenger, state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles. Support from 60 percent of the delegates was needed to secure the party’s official endorsement.


Could not be happier to learn that finally, at least here in California, progressive democrats are coming forward with progressive candidates and issues. All hail to Kevin de Leon and MEDICARE FOR ALL! You dems are either with us or against us. ain’t no middle ground this time around. We are fighting for our lives and the life of the planet.


The greatest political system that money can buy - that phrase expressing the civil scorn for the corporate buying of a society in order to own every aspect of it - is deaf, dumb and blind by its own ‘design’. It has neither societal grace nor wisdom if for no other reason than having been constructed on the denial of such a broad spectrum off costs so as to claim them as the sick distortion of predatory “profit”. Its ‘vision’ is mortally blinded and proving how necessary it is to make that track increasingly narrow in order to claw any imaginable foothold.

Will Feinstein grow an actual conscience? The answer is her’s alone now. De León better prepare for intense scrutiny.


Dianne is not alone, most of her colleagues in the Democratic party are no different.


He is far from perfect but at least different. We will see.


So neither candidate got an official endorsement. I guess this means a primary is coming up without Feinstein or de Leon being able to claim official endorsement of the party. Living on the other coast I can’t say I am in any position to guess what the outcome will be. But t think both should be concerned about all the money and data pouring into Silicon Valley. Something is going very wrong on the West Coast with Stanford U. being at the center of what is taking place where corporate greed and libertarianism have combined to the point that it is threatening our democracy and our personal freedom with regard to privacy.


So, like Lieberman, she’ll lose the primary and run as an independent–and have the full support of the DNC, of course.


Great analysis!


Good. Now residents of some other “blue” states need to do the same. A couple of really bad ones are Tim Kaine, Kirstin Gillibrand, Claire McCaskill, and five or six others.


Patty Murray, possibly Maria Cantwell


Why is a state party voting to endorse ANYONE during the state D primary? Just as the DNC SHOULD remain neutral during a presidential primary, so too should the state parties. How does that in any way secure a clean democratic process?


It’s about time. We won’t get anything done with DINOS at the helm. Diane needs to retire.


Don’t forget that Stanford University was founded by, and is named for, railroad magnate Leland Stanford – one of the ‘Big Four’ of the Central Pacific Railroad, and the eee-pitomization of a ‘Gilded Age’ robber baron.  Good old Tommy Smothers didn’t refer to them as railroad maggots by accident – the U. is just carrying on the family tradition of corruption and greed.

The state parties don’t want democracy in ANY way, shape or form — their mission is to preserve the status quo for their corporate owners, just as the mission of the DNC’s superdelegates is to crush any hope of pro­gressive rebellion against the party’s oligarchs.

I hope we Californians are successful at retiring Feinstein, and the other coast is equally successful at permanently silencing the utterly corrupt Clintons and their stooges Perez, Wasserman-Schultz, et al,
and forcing the DNC to dump the stupordelegates once and for all well before the 2020 primaries.


Reality check. This was only the vote for party endorsement, and the party delegates have been left of Feinstein for years. This would not be the first time she did not get official party endorsement and then went on to win the primary. The polls show she has a huge lead, and she’s got something like 20 times de León’s campaign funding. Feinstein was not shocked by this result, and analysts had said prior to this vote that de León has such a narrow path to victory that he really needed to win the party nomination to at least partially offset all her advantages, and he came up short. This vote was a symbolic victory for progressives, but now de León has to contend with raw, entrenched political power. I wish him all the best luck, but I still expect he has a very rough fight ahead of him.


Feinstein saw the evidence of heinous crimes against scores of human beings. Systematic, intentional, institutionalized committing of war crimes, and she chose to launch an “investigation” whose actual purpose was to cover up those crimes.

She is a monster.


I read how Stanford became the center of the money making craze in Silicon Valley. The president of Stamford in the 1960s looked around and saw that compared with Ivy Leagues schools Stamford was third rate and did not have much money. So he tied the curriculum to making money instead of traditional academic values. He put everything into studies leading to practical applications that make lots of money and cut staffing for the liberal arts. And it worked. Perhaps too well. The monster it created is now devouring the country. The greed is unchecked, democracy is threatened, and the lobbying in DC of these Silicon Valley companies far surpasses that of the Wall Street corporations.


The tsunami is building to wash-away the corporate DINO establishment - the Clinton/Obama wing of sellouts that betray progressives and progressive issues at nearly every turn…unless there’s something in it for them!


We didn’t hear DeLeon suggest that we be patient with Donald, but we did hear it from Feinstein.


Woohoo!..I guess.

Maybe now if we protest, write letters to the editor, call our reps, blog, scream and hold our breaths till we turn blue, progressives can beat million dollar oligarchy bribes to our reps and million dollar ads and infomercials on oligarchy tv and radio stations.

Direct Democracy

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I’m reading that De Leon isn’t that great – he takes a lot of corporate money. However, Feinstein has such a big lead and the other candidates are getting so totally silenced by the corrupt media that the pragmatic progressives are slapping the “he’s better than us getting nothing at all” label on De Leon.