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California Floods, America Burns, Irony Explodes


California Floods, America Burns, Irony Explodes

Mark Morford

The bloated orange president-elect is in love with dumb-thug Russians, tweets about himself in the third person and is readying his murder of conspiracy-minded billionaire-idiots to lead the nation into the darkest, most shamelessly corrupt period in our short history, all undertaken with a sexual predator’s shrug and an engraved gold pinky ring that spells out #-l-o-s-e-r.


The Big Bad Wolf, an intelligent female president, this article reads like a fairytale through the eyes of a Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Lighten up Mark. You're going to stroke out stressing yourself and others like this!


Mark is right on with his assessment. Here is my recent letter to the editor in Colorado:

Some Cause for Optimism

In my opinion, our country faces two giant gorillas in the room - climate change and the economic inequality that has us living in a plutocracy. When money is concentrated in so few people’s hands, giving them the power to elect our representatives and therefore to write our laws, we end up powerless. Major problems like climate change can not be addressed while the wealthy few reshape our world in accordance with their self-serving values and narrow world view.

Climate change is imminent and will wreak havoc in so many ways. The longer we wait to undertake serious mitigation, the worse and sooner will be the outcomes. I am deeply worried for all of our children and grandchildren.

However, I think there is a distinct possibility that the overwhelmingly raw display of power and influence of money that we are about to experience will cause an upheaval demanding huge fundamental change to our political, economic and electoral systems. It is possible that we will demand that Wall Street and other extreme concentrations of wealth be put in their place, that climate change will be addressed on a massive, unheard-of scale, and that we will revamp our electoral processes to give some semblance of being fair and meaningful.

As you know, there is an unparalleled level of venting representing various perspectives as we step into the new reality this month. My perspective centers around the need for fundamental change. We will get one kind of profound change beginning January 2017 and my optimistic side gives me hope that we will decide we’d rather live in a society with a government that serves people and that this will drive constructive, transformative change.


Why do we insist on calling the American Regime a democracy?


Now that's what I'm talking about El! Optimism is the Mother of Invention. For every 100 pessimists out there now boohooing, there's only one optimist. Thank you for your comment.


Troy, There are a whole lot of Democrats in denial out there looking for love in all the wrong places. Just listen to Nancy 'There's nothing wrong with the Democratic Party' Pelosi. Let them all burn in Hello for supporting the weaker, Wall Street friendly, Goldwater Girl Clinton. They can't see the forest for the trees. They shunned the young people which is the future of this country by neutering Bernie. That, in my opinion is unforgivable. Bernie would have been the President -Elect right now. Thank you for your support of Bernie. Keep making the right choices.


You could say this is the inevitable outcome for a childish self-indulgent consumerist society obsessed with instant gratification. Do we have the knowledge, the wisdom, the courage to turn this into a lesson-learned, to embrace our fellow human being, to love the planet and start seeing it as an organism of which we are part and not simply a source of useful items we can consume and destroy? I guess the next four years will give us the answer.


"international goodwill it earned from the imminently graceful, intelligent Obama era. "

JeezeLouise, you people in the Bay Area are insulated from reality to the max, aren't you. That's because all the people with common sense are being driven out of Oakland and SF by your greedy landlords and all the wicked digital billionaires forcing their digital religion up everyone's asses.


"imminently graceful"? Well, they better hurry up.


"We are no longer looking forward to any number of bright horizons: an intelligent female president..."

I agree, It would have been nice if Jill had won.

As for the other woman — Democrats have been spared the spectacle of watching Hillary and the Colorado oil man fill the cabinet with war hawks, wall streeters and her own set of billionaires.


stopped reading when I got to "dumb thug Russians"
Oh, Please, enough already!


Ignorance and stupidity rank high in the home of the brave and land of the free. The United States of America has never really had a peaceful period. Governors at all levels have schemed and connived their way into powerful political positions where they have protected themselves from "We the People...". From ongoing indigenous genocide to today's wage slaves blind to their chains.

Having been fortunate enough to have lived, worked and socialized among peoples in several countries I found all have the same fundamental desires of that of any American. Their cries and laughter are indistinguishable.

Mr. Morford's anger is no different than any other and perhaps, someday, he will find those he ignorantly scorns are his brothers and sisters, not an enemy he was taught to hate.


[[ "America just forfeited every ounce of international goodwill it earned from the imminently graceful, intelligent Obama era." ]]

Lost me right there.


Yes, if Jill had won.


Yeah, I had a reaction to that too... I mean... if it had been..."Russian".... instead of "Russians".... I could have felt bit better..... I worked with a Russian for almost a decade... and he was my office mate... for about 7 years... we were good friends.. and he was a really great person.... I even took my kids to his swearing in as a US citizen.... so... yeah... those words hit me wrong....too.


Well Mark it just goes to show that all the intelligence in the world is no guarantee that smart decisions will emerge. And when you get right down to it, HRC's "intelligence" is much overrated. Like I wrote in 2008 she is just a tattered sun-bleached old windsock vainly chasing the latest gust of collective angst.

I do agree though that it takes elegance and grace to masquerade as a progressive, like Obama, while enabling regressive policies like the ACA, the solidification of the security state, and pimping for a year or better for the new world order through TPP, TTIP, etc, etc.

I don't want to hear about her almost 3m more votes. If the roles had been reversed HRC and the DNC would now be crowing about their brilliant electoral strategy. Y'all know it's true.


Absolutely right on, ncycat!


Thanks Ponyboy. I love your post. Give my love to Soda and Dallas​:heart::heart::heart:


Hope you don't mind but I read some your old posts Ann. It appears we are of the same cut of cloth. Fight on Sister! By the way, explain to me, Soda and Dallas, please.:v:


Great call!! We're starting to look a lot like the regimes we call "enemies"