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California Oil Spill Leaves 'Gooey Mess'—And a Reminder of Big Oil's Dangers



Pipelines in geologically active region, duh.


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We have to remove control over oil from private individuals and nationalize all of our natural resources.
No private individual should have control of any of our natural resources.

Government needs to move on electric cars for every state --
and converting gasoline driven cars into electric.

Leave oil in the ground -- wherever it is!!


Go figure...Shell and Exxon Mobil themselves and their subsidiaries are perennial polluters that simply pay the fines/fees and continue BAU (business as usual) as there is no regulatory force (state or federal) that has exerted power over their profligate, environmentally destructive ways. The EPA and the taxpayers will end up paying for the ongoing cleanup of this, yet another spill/leak, ad infinitum. Loss of life, loss of water safety, loss of ecological balance...ahhh, who among them gives a damn?! SOS, different day.


We've been down this road before, yet instead of progressing forward we find ourselves backtracking and stumbling over the same ruts.
How quickly we've forgotten about Santa Barbara, and no I'm not referring to that little mess from last year:

"It was the Spark, “The blowout was the spark that brought the environmental issue to the nation’s attention,” said Arent Schuyler, lecturer emeritus in environmental studies at UC Santa Barbara. “People could see very vividly that their communities could bear the brunt of industrial accidents. They began forming environmental groups to protect their communities and started fighting for legislation to protect the environment.”

During the next few years there was more environmental legislation than at any time in the nation’s history. In 1969, Congress passed the National Environmental Policy Act which requires environmental impact studies before any federal action can be taken. California adopted similar legislation in 1970. A wave of national environmental legislation followed, including clean air and water acts, and laws that protected sensitive coastal areas and endangered species. The spill caused many people to doubt the safety claims of the oil industry and the government, said Michael Paparian, state director of the Sierra Club. Environmental activism gained widespread support he said and in the two years after the oil spill, Sierra club membership doubled."

What the hell has happened to us?


Jobs, JobS, JoBS, JOBS......that's Trump's answer to everything....
Environmental pollution and clean-up projects.... this is a Jobs Creation Program.
Hey if we didn't have these ecological disasters, that would be mean less jobs......



Imagine if one of the raging fires met an oil spill? Would it be bye-bye California?


Is this another cloaked "Blame The People"--as in everyday citizens--meme?

As if:

  1. Lobbies didn't descend on Washington, D.C. by the dozen since the far more ecologically sane l970s.

  2. Think tanks funded by right wing billionaires didn't do a total HIT JOB on any regulatory agency starting with the EPA when...

  3. Congress--led by goons who can't even conceptualize the meaning and impact of Global Warming--voted to under-fund regulatory agencies

  4. The mass media fell under the corporate control of 5 broadcast empires, all of which had an interest in pushing endless consumerism as well as war.

  5. There was a virtual blackout on the WORDS "global warming" even on The Weather Channel until a year or two ago.

  6. Exxon and friends were busy funding those few scientists who could be bought for a price to "cast doubt" about global warming and INSIST that the science was undecided (following the legal template utilized by the Tobacco industry in deceptively playing down the TRUE health hazards of smoking).

  7. Colleges gave far more freedom to professors, and states had better funding for academics. As funds dried up, corporations began to fill the vacuum and with their money (as is also true in the game of campaign "contributions") they were able to powerfully influence what was taught and by which academics.

How much anti-war sentiment was heard prior to the run-up to the Iraqi debacle?

How much air time did Mr. Sanders recently get relative to Trump or Clinton?

Look at the way companies like Monsanto thwart the public knowing what's in their own food while other ecological offenders use lawsuit after lawsuit to block meaningful legislation.

This is not about The Public. This is about what people in the OIL business do.

Lastly, as the Page and Gilens study PLAINLY made clear: What congress and lawmakers put into policy has ZERO to do with the public's wishes.

It's not just "the banks that own the place," add in the OIL BARONS.


It would sure be one hellova mess!


What!? Public control/ownership over the means of production? That there's communist talk but just think of how much sense that makes and how infrequent it is found in the MSM and vilified when it does.


So you've completely stopped using fossil fuels and all of the things that come along with them (plastics, medicines, asphalt roads...) ?


Thanks for putting this into words with such beautiful, meaningful music. It gave me long pause and time to absorb and think.


I like where you are coming from. Might I add that first we must put government back in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE. Feel the Bern.


Very good source and reminder. What has happened to us? Like a frog placed into a pot of pond water and the heat applied, it will not realize until too late that it is about to die. One small step at a time the oligarchs have taken our freedom, and soon it will be our very lives, with bright, shiny trinkets, lies and promises. Like the native people before us we took the trinkets and bought their lies. At least the native people fought back with their blood. There is honor in that. But they still had, as "cookies" in the beautiful description above sings out, "freedom of the wind in your hair." The water is boiling and the pond is practically drained. Are we to sit in our pity waiting for whatever show comes next on our TV sets as our next fix to numb our despair, or, do we as a society wake up and take back a government that was, and still is at least on a piece of paper, of the people, by the people and for the people. Are we like the unaware frog doomed to die in that last, small degree of comfort, or ........... Damn it, "What has happened to us!"


I take to heart your list. Respectfully, the very large majority, the we and the us, are being boiled alive by the people in your very descriptive list. So who is it that is left to turn off the heat?


Riiight, Our national government can't get it together to order a pizza and you want to give them authority over the safety of our oil pipelines? Instead why not demand that oil pipeline operators post a mulit million dollar bond that will be forfeited in the event of a spill of any size? Said bond will be used to mitigate the effects of the spill and in the unlikely event of unused funds the surplus will be used to develop and promote renewable resources. The pipeline operator will then be required to post a new bond before it can begin to resume operation any section of pipeline under its management.
The government is corrupt and no longer an effective deterrent against corporate greed and criminal indifference. The only way to control corporate greed is to deprive them of the only thing that they care about, profitability.


Hi 4th --

They say that FDR was going to do it but finally didn't after talking with LBJ.
Thom Hartmann says that the military uses 80% of our oil --
but obviously it's also a part now of the "National Security State" . . .
until they get solar planes to drop bombs.

We also need to bring energy more under community control and eliminate
the opportunity for "Enron-like activities" which the long distance grids provide.



Since anywhere I'm aware of either has no mass transportation nor even local transportation --
and where it is available it's under constant attack -- most of us in suburbs drive because
that's the only way it works.

There are a lot of poisons in our medicines and I hope one day we'll have a government
actually dealing with that issue -- but we use what the roads our corrupted governments give
us -- roads which often create immense blowback when it's raining -- rather than using
road cover which doesn't. Here in NJ, our Garden State Parkway isn't even properly graded
any longer so you will find that the car riding alongside of you is often drifting into your lane.

And are you in love with your medicines, your roads, and being surrounded by plastic wherever
you go. Do you have mass transportation you're relying on?


I'd just add ... Obama overturning a 26 year ban on off-shore oil drilling, quickly followed by BP disaster in Gulf.
And, working in secret for the TPP pipeline.
All in betrayal (from day one) of the voters who put him in office.