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California Republicans Double Down on Defying Order to Cease and Desist Deployment of Bogus Ballot Boxes

A voter has to have an identified designee to drop a ballot. In most counties, if you look at your voting guide, the designee is listed as a family member. The whole point is to prevent ballot tampering and fraud—someone filling out your ballot and turning it in in your place. A county may try and reach out to the voter if there is an issue, but there is no guarantee.

If you look at the back of your ballot envelope, there’s a section for a voter to identify the designee and sign. It includes a name, relationship, and a signature line.

I seems to me that the ballots are an issue. In order to vote you must be registered. You are on a voter list and your signature can be examined. In person a photo ID.
It would be hard to cheat voting even if 100 ballots were sent to each American.
Trump is nuts. Only his dupes think this way.
Sadly I believe there are more ways the republicans have conjured to cheat, than stops or fixes will cover.

I already wrote about that. I stand by my claim that CA will be making a stupid mistake to enforce the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law in this case. I hope they are not stupid but I’d give it a 50-50 chance that they are.

Don’t just warn them. Remove the boxes. If you just wait for these jerks to do the right thing, the election will be over, and any Democratic votes in the fake boxes will be gone into the mist. You can’t let them keep doing illegal things then giving you the finger. Alternatively, get somene to keep an eye on the fake boxes, and arrest the crooks.

How is that happening exactly? Do you see them opening envelopes to find out which ones are D and which R and then resealing the R ones? Is that worth it when they have a pretty good idea that the majority of ballots in these unofficial boxes are R ballots to begin with? I have to imagine you could face a stiffer penalty and/or a more annoyed judge if you tried to implement that strategy and got caught.

The spirit of the law? In that case, I’ll put some boxes around town to collect ballots. I live in a red area and everyone votes Republican. Maybe throw one in front of the old folks home, put another in front of the library. If I forget to turn a few ballots in, oh well, doesn’t matter. Morons shouldn’t have dropped ballots in my “official” boxes anyway.

When and if I decide to drop ballots off at the clerks office, I’ll tell them I’m designated to do so. The clerks can then reach out to those voters to verify my identity. They aren’t busy. Of course, when witnesses see me, the authorities are called, lawyers get involved, and candidates contest their elections, taxpayers won’t mind. The judge will understand the goodness of my intentions. Plus, the newspapers will surely convey accurately that this really is no biggie, and nobody will have reason for concern. Easy fixes for everyone!

\You are unhinged right now. I am saying the government should count the damn ballots and you are saying that by not following the letter of the law they are effectively encouraging people to capture ballots and not turn them in. I have no idea what you are trying to prove, and I don’t care anymore.

I’m not unhinged at all and I’m not trying to prove anything. I’m putting forth a straight forward realistic scenario that results from ballots with questionable provenance. There’s absolutely no way there won’t be interested parties and attorneys who won’t disagree on “spirit.”

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It is easier than that.
The voter’s name is on the ballot. All they have to do is look at the voter list. If the voter is registered as a Democrat, that ballot will be accidentally shredded.

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Just on an upbeat - just voted in waynesville, nc & it was wonderful - 2nd day early voting @ 8 am - only waited 20 min - people in front of me had - I’m voting democratic stickers on their coats - given a q-tip to use on the voting machine ! hand sanitizer in a couple of places - person took me to a machine explained & offered help @ anytime if I needed it - I checked my printout & put it in the counter -she was wiping my machine down when I left - line was a bit longer when I went back to the car - but I assured all that it was going to be a great experience - even the repugs -(all you fascists gonna lose)

That is ultimately why ballots are to be deposited in county approved drop boxes rather than, assuming what the newspaper described is accurate, filing cabinets with tape on them and other unsecure boxes. Dara is not wrong, however, about the ambiguity in the law with respect to designee status. The bigger danger I see is provenance: unsecure drop boxes, ballots lacking designees, and the challenge they may create for elections officials. Candidates in close contests are going to be upset if they lose via ballots that elections officials are within their rights to discount. It is a recipe for chaos even if we squeak by this election without challenges in a year where the president is threatening absentee voting.

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Maybe I’m just ignorant here, but why doesn’t law enforcement simply remove the boxes? They’re illegal so get rid of them. Since the GOP won’t comply, just get the cops to deliver any ballots - do what they need to do to make sure they are protected from tampering - and destroy the boxes. I don’t understand why this isn’t happening. If I was doing something illegal, or had placed something blatantly illegal by the road, I doubt I’d just get a warning to remove it. I’d HAVE to remove it and still have to pay a fine or whatever. If I refused to remove it, then the punishment would, I assume, be worse. Why aren’t these GOP assholes treated like any other person would be?

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Looks like the California GOP has backed down (@dara) :


We don’t have details yet, but reading between the lines, my suspicion is the GOP feared an injunction, fines, and the potential for ballots to get rejected. This is a positive outcome.

I read the link but it is not clear to me what happens to the ballots that were placed in these illegal boxes. There was this:

We want to give all voters the confidence that their vote will be safeguarded and that it will count on Election Day," said Attorney General Becerra.

Seems like some sort of statement like “every effort to count legitimate ballots in these illegal boxes will be made and we encourage all mail-in voters to track their ballot using ~https://california.ballottrax.net/voter/ to make sure it was received because we can’t guarantee ballots were destroyed before we got them”

Thanks to @bystander for pointing out an easy way to determine which ballots to destroy if you are trying to deliver a higher percentage of Republican ballots.

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Obviously I don’t have the details, but my suspicion based on the regs is that the California GOP will have to reach out to voters and ensure they have an appropriate designee. My bet is they’ve drawn up an MOA for the treatment of gathered ballots, ensuring their provenance, and the removal of the boxes. It’d be pretty unfair to leave that up to county elections officials, who are swamped this time of year.

This is really good news. It offers parties time to ensure ballots are treated properly and not subject to disqualification if/when elections are close and lawyers get involved. It also meets your goal that the situation is resolved in favor of the voters.

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