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California’s Great Leap Forward on Voter Registration


California’s Great Leap Forward on Voter Registration

Sophie Schuit, Jonathan Brater

The California legislature just passed a bill that has the potential to add millions of new voters to the rolls. If Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signs it into law, the plan would dramatically modernize voter registration in the Golden State by replacing old-fashioned, ink-and-paper cards with a system that automatically registers eligible citizens when they visit the DMV.


"Digitally sent information introduces fewer errors than when election officials have to decipher voter registration forms and then hand-enter the information. That means fewer Election Day problems, like long lines and disenfranchised voters."

Yes and no. See Ohio, 2004.

It still comes down to who controls the vote COUNT and if electronic machines and computer-run digital computation programs are utilized, that means hackers and/or those who control the proprietary software have a larger "say" in things that the public's knowledge of accurate voting numbers... and related outcomes. (This is the "No" part.)

The idea of Motor-Voters is great, and perhaps more voter participation would prove a good thing. (This is the "Yes" part.)


CA is just following in Oregon's footsteps about automatic voter registration.
It has yet to also require mail-in elections, or paper verification of ballots against machine totals...