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California’s Prop. 61 Offers Opportunity to Take on Big Pharma


California’s Prop. 61 Offers Opportunity to Take on Big Pharma

RoseAnn DeMoro

While the world is watching the Presidential race Tuesday night, another election battle in California provides a window in the ability of voters to challenge corporate power – in this case one of the most abusive industries in the world, big pharma.


A lot of people are being confused by some groups with good reputations that oppose 61. There are two dynamics at work there and they both involve money. LOTS AND LOTS of money. The pharma folks have virtually unlimited money - made on the backs of sick people - and they have used it in two ways:(besides endless ads)
1. They have flat out bought/bribed a lot of organizations with big "donations". They have ongoing donor relationships with a lot of disease specific groups. If you are a non-profit dedicated to fighting a particular disease and annual $50 or $100K from a drug company goes a long way - and once you get used to it, it's hard to kick the habit.
2. They have hired some amazingly good and skillful liars to confuse and scare people who ought to know better. One of them contacted the local Democratic County committee I'm on and oh boy was he smooth. Bullshit, but high quality bullshit.
Yes on 61!!


When I worked in the corporate world during the 90s they called it profit in confusion, profit in complexity. This model is not limited to drug companies, the "health care" system or electoral system.


The wording on it is bad. I wanted to oppose big pharma and i ended up voting no.

Sorry everyone voting in a hurry is not good. And better english in the summary helps too


Excerpt from this article:

"That’s what has the drug companies alarmed. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has embraced Prop. 61 in videos, billboard ads, and campaign visit, says, “Californians on Nov. 8 have a chance to stand up to the pharmaceutical industry’s greed and spark a national movement to end this price-gouging.”

Go Bernie, go! Bernie is doing the meaty work of a true Progressive! He is fighting Big Pharma in California. He is standing with Native Americans in North Dakota!

We need to keep voices - and ACTIONS - like his alive and well in this country!


Some examples of really feeling the Bern for sure.


That's the same way the tax laws are designed. If you can afford a great tax lawyer, then you can make the tax laws work for you and pay little tax. If you are an average wage earner, you'll pay lots of taxes, since the complexity and confusion of the tax laws are designed to extract the most from people who can't understand the tax laws and often can't afford good representation to deal with gobbledygook.


Does anyone remember when Hi//y as 1st Lady received almost $900,000 as the second highest receiver of money for helping to pave the way for Big Pharma to make the biggest increase of Medicare prescription drug prices? I do and the highest receiver got a cool 1 Mn and quit his job and become the highest paid lobbyist for Big Pharma receiving $2Mn a year for his political connections and all the benefit they would bring into the powerful drug lobby as we have seen happening if we need special high priced drugs.


Gotta like Bernie.
Clone Bernie!


We sure could use a giant demonstration against the SCOTUS that passed Buckley and Citizens United, the roots of Big Money in politics.