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California Shooting Victim's Mother Issues Powerful Demand for Action: '"I Don't Want Prayers. I Don't Want Thoughts. I Want Gun Control."


California Shooting Victim's Mother Issues Powerful Demand for Action: '"I Don't Want Prayers. I Don't Want Thoughts. I Want Gun Control."

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"I don't want prayers. I don't want thoughts. I want gun control."

That was the powerful emotional demand from Susan Orfanos after her 27-year-old son Telemachus was killed in the mass shooting Wednesday night in Thousand Oaks, California that left more than a dozen dead and many more wounded.


Yes - I am so sorry. Dump and company have not said a word, and not only that blamed the victims at the temple for having the audacity to get killed - not the shooter or the guns. We are beyond hope as a society. Little kids getting killed at Sandy Hook- the NRA said nothing. These thoughts and prayers are nothing but falsehoods. No private citizen needs a gun. With this latest shooting, the mother knew her son was violent. Did she know he had a gun and hid that information? Should she also be held to account?


Powerful stuff and on the mark.


Our children are weened on Mario Brothers and such and when come of age are into the (shoot em up) stuff on their video games. War is our television documentary history venue, and current wars are always being covered. We will never limit guns from the people we don’t want to abuse them, and if we could they would opt for: any sharp object, anything they can club you with, poison you with, run you over with, blow you up with, on down to punch and choke and scratch your eyes out with. Guns just happen to be the weapon of choice. It’s the nut behind the wheel that is the problem. The couple of guns I have are cased and have been in the closet for 30 years unused.


Last sentence: garbage.


I have had this idea: For hunters, hunting rifles must be rented and returned the same day. As for anything else, ban all guns.


If it were possible, and governments, military’s, and policing authorities were willing, I think you could convince gun owners to go along.


But then again, That would have to be quite the arsenal. During gun deer season in the north woods tens of thousands of hunting guns would have to be available to rent all at the same time.


I can understand the pain, and the frustration the families of these victims feel. My brother was struck down at the tender age of 26 by a drunk driver. It is still, after 38 years, legal to drive, and it is legal to drink. It’s not legal combine the two in a lethal level and operate a motor vehicle.
Legal to own a gun, legal to be upset, not legal to mix the to over the limit.
My point is that as sad as these deaths are we do have to live with the reality of that pain because there we be little if any relief in the future.


While I agree with most of your other points, I cannot fathom why you needed to include what I have highlighted from your post. Are you at all interested in persuading others to your point of view or in organizing others to it?


Then let’s organize toward that vision.


Well in that case then it is becoming necessary for each of us to acquire an atomic bomb, forget the gun.


Hunting is violence against animals who have lost much of their habitat. I also am a long time vegan.


Thank you Giovanna- the person whom you replied to sounds like a nut. No one I know has any interest in guns. I guess over three hundred million guns in the USA is not enough for this nut.


Unused? So… give them up and do something peaceful.


Yes, but from my view, gun control has got to start at the top. Why does no one seem to see that until we have put an end to the American Governments violent and illegal use of guns all over the world… that we will never have any domestic action?

I do not blame this Mothers son, as much as the Government that sent him to Afghanistan. I do not see any hope until we have military gun control.


When I last moved, I gave away all of my guns and a few of my knives and swords to friends and family.

I kept one forged steel sword for home protection.

My wife and I moved to a retirement community in south central Pennsylvania which has two 18 hole golf courses. It’s a Democratic bastion in the rural community and has zero crime.

Our neighbors outside of the 1,200 home retirement community, are Mennonite fruit and dairy farmers. A fine group of humans, I must say.


Yes, we as a nation must decide which is more important:

  1. Endless Wars and aggression, including citizens rights to buy an endless supply of guns, or

  2. Peaceful Coexistence with all nations making diplomacy the key foreign policy plan, and, the right of all Americans to be free of any fear of the unlawful use of any firearm, at any time.


Please see Tom Johnson’s post. The MIC sponsors war, and we have had unending war with the goals of teaching people not to kill by killing them. Enough of this war and violence. Enough.


I’ll take door number 2 thank you- we have more guns than people in this country- a perversion of the second amendment.