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California Shooting Victim's Mother Issues Powerful Demand for Action: '"I Don't Want Prayers. I Don't Want Thoughts. I Want Gun Control."


Yes, we as a nation must decide which is more important:

  1. Endless Wars and aggression, including citizens rights to buy an endless supply of guns, or

  2. Peaceful Coexistence with all nations making diplomacy the key foreign policy plan, and, the right of all Americans to be free of any fear of the unlawful use of any firearm, at any time.


Please see Tom Johnson’s post. The MIC sponsors war, and we have had unending war with the goals of teaching people not to kill by killing them. Enough of this war and violence. Enough.


I’ll take door number 2 thank you- we have more guns than people in this country- a perversion of the second amendment.


If you want to live your life in fear and stock pile weapons in your survival center that is your business.


You have a point , but the killer at Sandy Hook would not have even qualified for the military- yet he killed his own mother first. The temple killer was not in the military, nor was the shooter at the night club in Fl ad nauseum, ad nauseum. My late dad served in WW2- he did not care for guns, and many of the people he knew who also served did not either.


I did a similar thing. MY Family were generational farmers and lived off the land and that include hunting trapping and fishing. Dad took me out to the out of doors and we I bagged a buck every year until I enlisted in the army. Three years Later I bagged another buck for four or five more years running and then just up and quit. When my dad passed I gave away both of our shot guns. The ones I kept are for the big one if it comes. I have no delusions. I just want get a few before they get me.


Don’t forget that with the “Thoughts and Prayers”, the gun nuts in congress also give you a “Moment of Silence” thrown in for free.


I suppose I should do my own research, but I would like to see a study done on war veterans returning and what they are experiencing. What the numbers are. How many deployments over the past 17 years of war. How many have head injuries. How many mental illness conditions, mental illness conditions due to physical injuries. How many traumatic divorces. And what percent of incidents are attributed to them VS civilians.


Thus we need new proposals!

How about a law requiring the U.S. flag to be permanently flown at half-staff, until one year goes by without a massacre (to be defined). And an official government website with the names of today’s victims.

How about free mandatory counseling for every person leaving the armed services, with follow-up?

How about actually admitting we have a problem, and asking for help – looking at you, Australia!

How about requiring liability insurance for gun buyers?

How about actually taking PTSD seriously after 50 years, and spending even 0.01% of DOD’s annual budget funding research and treatment?

I read a lot of comments (not on CD) after the latest massacre. A huge percentage were either (1) “see there, even with the strictest gun laws” blah blah blah (me - okay so we need federal laws!!) or (2) long riffs about what kind of gun he used.

Is this a great country? Or what.


What rock are you living under-------from Yemen-to sending the military to the border to take on women and children --------to a president who incites violence on a daily basis.


Ian David Long-----This is the shooter in the Thousand Oaks shooting-----why is this being covered up? Why isn’t his history being reported? Because it doesn’t fit all the propaganda about the military. I don’t live far from where this happened-and even the local media are refusing to talk about who the shooter was except that he was “troubled”.


I am a veteran who qualified as a marksman in basic training back in '73. I’ve qualified with both a .45 and an M-16. Could break 'em down, clean 'em, and put them back together. Have never owned a gun, won’t have 'em in the house.