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Californians Deliver 350,000 Signatures Calling on State, Gov. Brown to Stop Irrigation of Crops With Oil Wastewater


Californians Deliver 350,000 Signatures Calling on State, Gov. Brown to Stop Irrigation of Crops With Oil Wastewater

Center for Biological Diversity

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Pushing a wheelbarrow filled with 350,000 petition signatures, concerned Californians gathered outside the capitol today to urge Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Water Resources Control Board to stop the potentially dangerous practice of using wastewater from oil drilling to irrigate California’s crops.



Soiled of the earth


What ass backwards universe are we living in?! How can this ghastly, twisted worst case of full blown sociopath capitalism even be a consideration?! Where the industry responsible for wreaking environmental chaos is allowed to source our precious aquifers to mix with a concoction of secret chemicals, to remove trapped gas for profit - then gets "PAID" to have growers of food use it for irrigation?! 'Gee wiz, gosh, I dunno' wouldn't it be prudent to order a scientific review for complete list of whatever may be in this swill prior to having a parent put it on their child's plate? Already known to contain high levels of acetone and benzene, and this f*#K head governor signed off on this?! This 'environmental advocate' should be impeached.
How do these growers sleep at night - knowing they're bathing crops intended for human consumption in poisons? Ah but I digress. It's all good. It's OK if well meaning unsuspecting consumers acquire illness from the fruits and vegetables they purchased for nutrition and better health - as long as money is allowed to be made at their expense. No harm done. Just people getting hurt and there's no indication of danger of extinction of this corporate commodity. Or is there?

If this doesn't spotlight the rank greed and government duplicity of complete disregard of human value, and call us to demand action against this unforgivable failure of public agency; to protect the masses from whatever lengths the Godless associates of sinister corporations will go to make money - our calamitous end is assured.


Yet another example of the fine representation we receive from our elected officials. When will the people of this Nation wake up to what is happening around them? This is yet another reason that we need to rid ourselves of the Duopoly and it's lack of representing the people of this Country. Why are they so intent on killing us?
We need to vote Third Party, Green Party and Jill Stein for the survival of this Nation and its people. The Democrats and Republicans; and for that matter, the Libertarians only care for their own wealth. The Green Party and Jill Stein are concerned about Mother Earth, this Nation, our health, our economy and our rights as human beings. The existing Duopoly has convinced us that we have no other choice other than them. They have literally shut out Third Parties with their rules and propaganda.
This Election, we need to oust all those who are not representing us. In the 2018 midterms and the 2020 election we need to continue this endeavor to rid this Nation of the Corporate Cronies that are destroying it for the capitol gain of others. Jill Stein would give us that opportunity, that time we need to accomplish it. She can only help this Country without doing it harm. We can't get her into the debates and in full view of the voters without our support. At one time we considered the Green Party a bunch of loonies. Today we see what the supposed sane administrations are accomplishing with no regulation or oversight.
Then there is the Fracking going on the Gulf of Mexico, with some 2000 additional permits yet to be approved. These same 'secret' chemicals are now being dumped directly into the Gulf waters. Can we seriously afford to keep the Duopoly in control?