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Call 1-844-WYT-FEAR: You're Scared! You're White! You're Probably A Racist Douche!

Call 1-844-WYT-FEAR: You're Scared! You're White! You're Probably A Racist Douche!

In the latest abomination by bellicose bigots, a white woman in a Virginia restaurant flipped out at a Latina speaking Spanish, shrieking at her to "go back to your fucking country!" She was adroitly thrown out - "Thank you for never returning to Andy's" - but a new hotline for whites "calling 911 on black people for no goddamn reason" goes further. It offers phone prompts to "address your urgent concerns about black or brown people living their life near you." Then it determines, "You are not in danger and probably just racist."


Well-done, management of Andy’s restaurant. I sometimes visit family in Loudon County. If Andy’s is anywhere near there, I’d happily give it my trade to make up for losing that of the flaming racist idiot.


I wanna think on the funny-side, to walk on the funny-side of the street, to stay in the funny-shine but it’s so damn serious it makes me weep. This is 2018 for gawds sake, bigotry and racism are so last century, can’t we grow up and get along?


It’s in Lovettsville, Loudon Co., just across the bridge from Brunswick, MD.


Comedy gold spun out of the pedestrian racism that defines so much of this nation.

Have I mentioned lately how ashamed of my country I am?


Thanks, that’s perfect.

Uh yeah, 1-844-WYT-FEAR? I just wanted to tell you that I feel safer around my black neighbors than I have EVER felt around any white douchebag (like peewee ryan/donny trumptard/mcmitch turtlebrain) in fact, I would welcome many more NON-WHITES in my country as their mere presence makes the WHITE RETARD in power abso-flokkingg-lutely apoplectic!!!


This woman’s birth certificate should be revoked since she doesn’t seem to know the difference between a human being and a barking Hyena. I think they just jailed one of her relatives from the Neanderthal tribe for mailing pipe bombs.


Hi Ditton------well Black people, Mexican people, Japanese People, Chinese people, German people, Muslim people from all the ME countries----Russian people----I’m sure I left some group out. oh wait. North Korean people too------have all been added to the hate list, oh and the homeless of any nationality-------
-America, an equal opportunity destroyer of those who are not white, not ironically Christian-----and have no permanent address and no money. Maybe we’ve been misinterpreting the poem on the statue in the harbor…maybe it really says , “Give us your admired, your rich overclass, the rest to be ridiculed and owned by the rich ones you see.” : o


There needs to be more videos of white people challenging assholes like this. Most videos are ignorant white people like this, and most people just look on and do nothing. Challenge her, don’t be neutral in situations like this. Say something, however diplomatically, when people in your lives say stuff like this.


It’s NOT “manufactured controversy” when actual white people call police on actual Black or brown people. The “fearmongering” as you put is being done by WHITE PEOPLE who want to go back to 1950 when they never had to deal with a Black or brown person EXCEPT in a position of subservience to them. The white customer in the Virginia restaurant started RANTING at a customer for speaking Spanish WITH HER FAMILY. First off,. it was NONE OF THE WHITE CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS. I grew up in the South & was taught manners (& racism–that I’ve worked a lifetime to undo): BASIC COURTESY would have had the white woman SHUT UP about the other customers. Glad she was kicked out. FELLOW WHITE PEOPLE: Start getting to know people of color & stop acting like such hateful jerks!!!


Oh…right…I keep forgetting…equal opportunities for all unless…how could I ever forget?..mmmm, cuz I’m oneathem mmmmmmm

= Make America Great Again, re-used from Ronnie in 1980 whose slogan was “Let’s Make America Great Again.”

And Ronnie went one step better, with his first campaign stop at Neshoba County.

All Republicans are not racists, but all racists are Republicans.