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Call Congress Now, Say Progressives, To Stop GOP "Billionaire First" Budget


Call Congress Now, Say Progressives, To Stop GOP "Billionaire First" Budget

Common Dreams staff

House will vote Thursday on budget that cuts Medicaid by $1 trillion and Medicare by $500 billion just to give big tax cuts to to corporations and the top 1%


This is Viet Nam War logic at its finest: “We had to destroy the middle class in order to save it.”


Tell Congress, “The Guillotines are being assembled now.”


The fuckers in the House passed the bill. Now it only takes 51 Senators to stab the citizens in the back so their vampire billionaire friends can drink our blood. The USA is the most FUCKING CORRUPT nation in the history of the world. If the people don’t get the hell into the streets with massive strikes and boycotts, then they all deserve what is coming our way. What I can’t understand is just HOW STUPID the citizens are that they keep on voting for either Democrats or Republicans who are wholly owned by the corporate oligarchs. The USA is dead due to the idiocy of its citizens who simply cannot think for themselves.


Although I do agree with you, I think part of the reasons for the ignorant electorate is the corporate owned media. I have had arguments with many friends and family about what is really going on. We all share have the same views but they aren’t reading what I am. All they know, and believe, is what they hear on CNN, NBC etc. They think I am a crazy conspiracy theorist. My point is that you can’t call the citizens stupid because the media has been taken over by the vampire billionaires and don’t report what’s really going on. I wish there was a way to make them see but I don’t know what that is.


I called my CA representative but he is already against the billionaire tax gift


I’ll go to the window and shake my fist at the world. OK?


But it is because they are relying on the corporate media to inform themselves that makes them stupid. From my perspective it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which way the wind blows. People have been screwed over by both parties for decades now. If one can’t see that for themselves then they simply have no common sense. Maybe it is the education system. I don’t know. I am no one special when it comes to intelligence so if I can see what is going on then anyone can. All I know is that if people don’t wake up and see for themselves what is happening, then they have no one to blame but themselves as they continue to get screwed.



You and I any many here are old and experienced and cynical.

Many more are simply resigned and or apathetic.

It’s okay to be upset, however, do not let your upset rule your life.

It is better to remain optimistic and work towards the goals you set for yourself.

Or, you can just say to me, “Go fuck yourself”, and remain upset.

It’s your choice.

We all should be mad as hell.

We all have much to lose.

The young more so than us geezers.


The studies on tax breaks for the rich demionstrates that it just doesn’t work. The theory is they will go out and spend it. What happens and has happened more often is the rich move their money offshore into tax evasion bank accounts or into offshore “shell companies.” In recent news Fortune 500 was holding 3 trillion dollars offshore for the rich and super rich. Then you have our role model, Donald Trump who made 3.5 trillion last year and paid no income taxes. He was heavily invested in offshore “shell companies” and the Trump name was listed in the “Panama Papers” (about shell companies) over 3,000 times. Studies show that tax breaks, loopsholes and evasion tend to stagnate the economy. On the other hand tax cuts for the working class and middle class invariably gets spent in America or gets saved in American banks and invested in America.


Call another representative hell call them all. :slight_smile:


I thank you for your reply PonyBoy. Yes we should be mad as hell. But far too many are not. Everyone should be out in the streets shutting down the odious machine. Especially the young as they have much more to lose than us old geezers. But for whatever reason, in the USA there is just a loud silence for the most part. At least so far, and that has allowed the TPTB to keep on implementing their agenda against the citizenry. Around the world in other countries the citizens rise up against such criminality with massive strikes. But not in the USA. Don’t worry about my upset ruling my life. I still have an appreciation for the good things around me, but I will continue to express my anger as well. Thanks again for your reply.



I don’t know if you’ve noticed these past few days, but on MSNBC, specifically on Lawrence O’Donnell’s
hour, between 10 and 11pm, the drumbeat for the removal of the Orange Ogre is rapidly gaining steam.

Interviews with current and former politicians of both Duopoly parties, as well Media talking heads and others, all agreed on the fact that this dangerous, mentally unstable person needs to be removed from office.

MSM is disgusting to listen to with their support of false narratives and lack of balls when it comes to calling a outright lie, an outright lie, but, they can be instrumental in educating the population as to the dangers of the lies we are being fed daily by this So-called President, the Republican Congress, and the Democratic Party Establishment.

I have never had much luck with “anger” in my life, which is probably what made me attractive to my wife, as she has on occasion had issues with her anger, so as long as you can express your anger in a healthy way, that doesn’t affect others in your life, who are merely bystanders to the issues you find infuriating, I reckon that’s all right.

Carry on my Wayward Son.


Call congress now to stop GOP billionaire first budget? Why call, should congress not already know what is the right thing to do? Why do the American people need to keep spoon feeding congress on what is right? Also, why can’t anybody in Southeastern Wisconsin run a solid campaign in Wisconsin’s 1st district to defeat Ryan? After all Wisconsin, can you not see that Ryan is a first-class a**hole? Why can’t Ryan be fired like Eric Cantor of Virginia, Wisconsin?


The people in my one horse town are demonstrating at congressional offices. Cheers!!! Get busy.