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Call for Christie's Resignation After Saying Teachers Union Deserves 'Punch In the Face'


Call for Christie's Resignation After Saying Teachers Union Deserves 'Punch In the Face'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

New Jersey Republican governor and straggling 2016 presidential hopeful Chris Christie faces a call to resign after he declared Sunday that teachers' unions are "the single most destructive force in public education in America" and deserve to be punched in the face.

Christie made the comments on CNN's State of the Union program with host Jack Tapper, who asked: "At the national level, who deserves a punch in the face?"


Chris Christie blames public school teachers for what’s wrong in America. Donald Trump blames Mexican immigrants for what’s wrong in America. Mitt Romney blames the “47 percent” for what’s wrong in America, There seems a pattern here, an assignment to an effectively powerless minority for whatever ills are felt by the Republican constituency (although Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” pushes the limit). Notice how neither Christie, Trump, nor Romney present a positive plan for dealing with “America’s problems”, only a blaming of a minority, which carries with it an implicit call for crushing the “irresponsible” minority. Is this indicative of the vacuity of Republican ideas?


Christie the bully needs the PITF like every bully. Christie and Trump and Cuomo are all bullys with mean, vindictive streaks and like to punish opponents (or employees), for any perceived temerity (except when it comes to “traffic studies”. All also sport ego-driven bloated ambitions, and all three entirely unfit to lead a nation, much less a state. CNN should fire Tapper for the idiotic “who deserves” question!


First, the question Tapper asked was unprofessional on his part and I would venture to guess that the reason behind the query was to bait Christie, who took it hook, line and sinker.

Buffoonery and bombast are Christie’s preferred ways of putting across his message. He also places blame on others when something goes wrong while being the first to take credit for anything that may go right. His state is rife with Super Fund toxic waste sites along with rampant graft and corruption, especially in the construction trades. He has no positive message nor has he formulated any substantive policy to present to the voting public. His leadership (bullying) skills (lack thereof) would jeopardize any diplomatic ties the US has (or tried to develop) worldwide. Can you imagine what would happen if he made fun of the Saudi royal family, Angela Merkel or Putin? The gloves would come off and the gauntlet thrown down.

He, along with his seatmates in the RepubliCANT clown car do not have any policy or programs in their repertoires to address any prevailing domestic or international problems our nation is facing: climate change and all it entails; poverty; education; crumbling infrastructure; health care; racism; inequality; dwindling social safety net; unnecessary military incursions worldwide; international relations with China or nations in the Middle East or Russia, etc.


Of course the absolute ignorance of those nodding is also overlooked…


Or the ‘vacuity’ of the Republican brain? :wink:


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Gov. Christie is more widely known as The Crisco Kid; pure fat in the can. All the way up to his ears, too, judging by this latest remark. He’s Karl Rove’s wing man and has a " bromance " with Jerry Jones. That’s an awfully lot of gas and grease in one spot. Whatever you do don’t strike a match!


you make excellent points. I couldn’t help but think about the nazis blaming the Jews for their ills.


Republicans have many ideas—all of them bad, every one.

First and foremost they want to cut taxes on the wealthy and corporations. Secondly they want to relieve corporations of any personal responsibility toward consumers, the environment or other citizens. And third, they want an additional round of massive deregulation for Wall Street of the kind that brought down the world economy in 2008.

Republicans also think the American working poor have it too good. They believe you should work harder and work more hours. Republicans also believe Americans should never retire. While wealthy Republicans are on perpetual vacation, they don’t think you, working class Americans, deserve any vacation.

Republicans also do not believe in the concept of a minimum wage. As a matter of fact Republicans want the wages of American workers to be as low as possible.

Republicans also believe in a completely privatized education system.

Republicans want to do away with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They have said it about a million times. Seniors and the disabled should start to believe them.

Republicans also want perpetual war. They want the working poor to pay for these wars because they obviously do not believe in taxing people or corporations that actually have money.

Republicans would force their brand of Christianity on everyone. Force. Remember that word. Other religions would be illegal in Republican America. They have only said this a million times. Maybe we should believe them.

They have many other bad ideas but that is enough.


Great Scot, your nation is a “UNION!!!” What a great unpatriotic lot are the works of those dissing ‘teachers unions.’ The great lot of you dissing ‘unions’ truly are the ones needing education. Get the picture? “We the People” elsewhere look upon America’s Union as a colossal deadly force as well as a ‘free & democratic’ farce; a dumbed-down lot so low in intelligence, seems like a great lot of you get on your knees to look up…


Excellent list! May I use this?


Christie needs a concrete wall and bars in front of his violent face.


The guy that talks like a thug, is a thug in my book. He must of been a great High School bully.


The only “indoctrinating” education system is the parochial school system: history is completely biased glorifying the missionizing of the “savages” and the construction of churches (by the enslaved indigenous people) to house the friars, the bravery of the clergy to travel the oceans (in order to plunder and pillage natives, take their land, destroy their culture, and work them to death all the while introducing diseases that destroy entire populations…facts that are conveniently left out). I attended Catholic schools during several of my formative years so I know of what I speak. I had a heckuva lot of “unlearning” to do, come to find out.

Your attack on teachers and unions is totally unwarranted and unappreciated. Our nation treats its teachers poorly when compared to other “industrialized” nations that revere their teachers (Finland, France, So. Korea, Japan, Norway, etc.), pay them as well as business executives, and appreciate the fact that their children deserve the best when it comes to education.

The trend toward privatizing education in the US is strictly a way for any number of venture capitalists and hedge funds to tap into the education market (including the real estate on which schools are built), take advantage of the public funds while dipping into that trough and suck it dry leaving a pillaged public education system in its wake.

My brother is a professional teacher in a PUBLIC school full of at risk youth the vast majority who live in poverty. He spent all his GI bill money on attaining a BA and MA in order to teach. His efforts have resulted in so many young lives being turned around thus creating hope for their futures.

On his behalf, I admonish you for your assertions.


The bully schtick is getting old. Of course, 'Murika does love a loud mouth “tough guy”, even when the loud mouth needs an entourage of guards around to deliver that “tough” talk.