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Call for Climate to Take Center Stage as DNC Announces 12 Primary Debates for 2020 White House Contest


Call for Climate to Take Center Stage as DNC Announces 12 Primary Debates for 2020 White House Contest

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Addressing a demand that emerged in the 2016 season, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) said Thursday that there would be a dozen presidential primary debates for the 2020 contest.

"We will likely have a large field of candidates," DNC chair Tom Perez said on a call with reporters. "Accommodating a large field of such qualified candidates is a first-class challenge to have."


Total BS! Do not believe Tom Perez. The corrupt,
DNC already knows who will be selected for POTUS in 2020. This will be nothing but another dog and pony show for the politically,gullible to make them believe they live in a democracy. The politically, powerful, Democratic elite are fake progressives using real progressives for their nefarious and corrupt purposes.


The list of eight candidates only include Washington politicians. i expect one or more governor to run as an outsider. Of the last three Democratic presidents two were governors and both from southern states. If Biden runs he should be the candidate most regarded as a Washington insider. I think the progressive with the best chance of winning is Tulsi Gabbard if she decides to run. Anything can happen. Four years ago Jeb Bush seemed like a sure thing and we all know what happened to him. Having the first debate on two different nights is a good idea. That way neither debate appears to be more important than the other. Apparently there will be six debates before Iowa. That’s another good idea. What I don’t like is Iowa and New Hampshire being the first two primaries since neither state is representative of the US demographically. And with Iowa having a caucus their vote is even less representative.


Lets narrow the field to candidates that don’t take corporate “donations”.




Our political process is reminding me of the trial of the cops who beat Rodney King. The video evidence was played backward and forward, freeze-framed, dissected and analyzed, until the jury finally had enough and let the cops walk scot-free.

I think the same dynamic is at work here: drag the process out as long as possible and talk it to death, until it seems like this is normal, until finally the election itself is anticlimactic. There is NO need for elections to take so long—except for the revenues to be generated for media conglomerates, consultants and polling organizations etc., and for the candidates to hear themselves bloviate on and on.


The climate is key, however, if the Democrats do not put Corruption and legislation to halt it for good, front and center in any debate, they’re not worth anyone’s support.


With corporate democrats in control expect more neoliberalism:


From truthout:



Perceptive. The object is to wear us down.


debate away. the candidate’s already selected.


Do understand that the period of Global Warming peaked in 2016. We are now in a period of Global Cooling. From 2016 to 2018 the Global Temperature has dropped 0.3 degrees Celsius and is expected to continue to decrease. If it continues to 2024, that will put the upper half of the United States in an ICE AGE and thus prevent the growing of wheat, rye, barley, oats, alfalfa, etc. Food will become very expensive and the non-working undocumented can not expect to continue to receive food. I have lived through 4 cycles of global warming and 3 cycles of global cooling. The 4th period of global cooling has started. In 2024 expect snow in eastern San Diego.




Kemo Sabe no sabe:



Do you know any?


If you watch anything today…:


So many debates so the Centrist candidate can get the Progressive line down. The Centrist will imitate the Progressives through the primary.


I think Jesse Ventura nailed it when he called these debates a fixed wrestling match where the masses ore entertained and do not realize the winner has already been selected!


What should take center stage for all of us is the CAUSE of climate change, which is human population growth that inherently drives fossil fuel consumption, pollution, species loss, ecosystems loss, and other environmental harms that go far beyond climate.


Jesus. Cue the lizardy, fucked-out old pols.




HEMP – a boost for Nature –


Quite a surprise!! Trump signed it!!


This speech by Greta Thunberg is so powerful in the points she makes!