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Call for Climate to Take Center Stage as DNC Announces 12 Primary Debates for 2020 White House Contest


Unfortunately for the planet and the next generations, the climate catastrophe won’t affect those who need to change their ways to prevent it. As a result, nobody will act and the catastrophe will happen. Young people, whose lives will be ruined, are the ones who should be out in the streets protesting with violence if necessary. Young people should get inspiration from those young Americans who opposed the Vietnam war “because they were being drafted”. The climate will draft the young and drag them into oblivion. They should fight because the ones who already lived don’t really care.


Why…is it so difficult for us to grasp…the reality of our situation…we still think we can have our cake and eat it too…

Quote: “Electricity simply doesn’t substitute for all the uses of fossil fuels, so windmills will never be able to reproduce themselves from the energy they generate — they are simply not sustainable. Consider the life cycle of a wind turbine – giant diesel powered mining trucks and machines dig deep into the earth for iron ore, fossil-fueled ships take the ore to a facility that will crush it and permeate it with toxic chemicals to extract the metal from the ore, the metal will be taken in a diesel truck or locomotive to a smelter which runs exclusively on fossil fuels 24 x 7 x 365 for up to 22 years (any stoppage causes the lining to shatter so intermittent electricity won’t do). There are over 8,000 parts to a wind turbine which are delivered over global supply chains via petroleum-fueled ships, rail, air, and trucks to the assembly factory. Finally diesel cement trucks arrive at the wind turbine site to pour many tons of concrete and other diesel trucks carry segments of the wind turbine to the site and workers who drove gas or diesel vehicles to the site assemble it.”