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Call for Global Ban as Poll Shows Overwhelming Public Opposition to 'Horrifying' Killer Robots

Call for Global Ban as Poll Shows Overwhelming Public Opposition to 'Horrifying' Killer Robots

Julia Conley, staff writer

World leaders have shown little leadership in moving to ban autonomous weapons that would require no human involvement when selecting and killing targets, but a new survey shows that the global population overwhelmingly opposes the development of such "killer robots."

Commissioned by the Campaign to Ban Killer Robots, a new poll released Tuesday by Ipsos MORI asked between 500 and 1,000 people in each of the 26 countries it surveyed whether they approved of autonomous weapons, and found that three in five respondents were vehemently against the proposal.


How about deploying robots that offer heathy food and water to anyone they meet anywhere?

“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
–Abraham Lincoln


We already have killer robots. Aka MIC.


Only 3 out of 5 disapprove, after the NRA campaigns for Killer Robots it will be 3 to 5 For Killer Robots.

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Killer Robots with artificial intelligence on board. What could possibly go wrong? I hope, I pray, the Killer Robots decide that those who have deployed them are the aggressors and should be put down. I hope the robots turn on their controllers.


Here i thought the Trump presidency had have lowered my opinion of humanity enough not to be shocked again by our collective idiocy, but the realization that 2 in 5 people really are that suicidally stupid still got to me.


And you thought the scenes of robots killing people in the Terminator was fiction.


This is what people said when the Long Bow was invented, it will end all Wars since it was too dangerous now that you could kill the “enemy” at a great distance.

We have never been able to put a new weapon back in the Bottle once it has been unleashed on the public.

Nuclear Weapons will destroy all Human inhabitants on the Planet well before we find a way to eliminate such Catastrophic Weapons.

We keep inventing things that destroy Human Civilization rather than concentrating on saving and protecting the Planet and the Human Race.

The idiots we elected are so proud that they extended our War Budget to $710 Billion. Just imagine what a modern humane society we can create with that type of money.


And, when state and municipal police forces roll out their new killer robots, state legislatures will roll out statutes protecting such robots from “unlawful interference”

For example:

§xxx-x. Unlawful interference with law enforcement robot

  1. A person is guilty of unlawful interference with a law enforcement robot if the person intentionally or knowingly:

    A. Mutilates or permanently disables any robot that is in fact certified for law enforcement use and that the person knows or reasonably should have known is used for law enforcement purposes. Violation of this paragraph is a Class C crime.

    B. Torments, beats, strikes, injures, temporarily disables or otherwise mistreats any robot that is in fact certified for law enforcement use and that the person knows or reasonably should have known is used for law enforcement purposes. Violation of this paragraph is a Class D crime.

  2. For the purposes of this section, a robot is certified for law enforcement use if the State has certified that the robot has satisfactorily completed requisite programming and testing for one or more law enforcement purposes.


How about laws that imprison humans for inventing and building killer robots for crimes against humanity.
We can’t pass them right now, but some of the world can. Too far?


Sometimes we just can’t stop progress, no matter how much it harms the people.
My suggestion is that we allow the purchase of RPG launchers so the public can protect themselves from errant robots, police, intruding thieves, and republican neighbors.

Better yet, upgrade that request to FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS.

The difference between the Killer Robots as pictured in the article and the Killer Robots that currently work for the MIC invading other Countries and killing any that resist , is that the latter have added costs of health care via things like the VA.


Weapons that require no input from humans in selecting and killing targets undermine “the right to life and other human rights,” critics say

By this description, Donald Trump and many of the Republicans are killer robots themselves. Instead of using bullets to kill they enact policies which lead directly to the death of Americans.

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I know…that 3 out 5 …caught my attention also…

Well…we better get to work on how to destroy them …right away…my brain. Js working on g on jt already…like in the movies…in which a Virus…killed oof those Nasty alien machines .in War if THE WORLDS.

If you haven’t watched this episode of Black Mirror, it gives you a view of “horrifying” killer robots which is quite plausible.


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You’re right. The best way to incapacitate them will be either via hacking them or electromagnetically interfering with them…skills and equipment that very few people have at their fingertips…

Cluster grenade at death? …That’s the $hits…freaky; and, exactly what I should have expected from the MIC. However, it completely caught me by surprise. (-:

I teach STEM robotics and programming, so am acutely aware of what’s push-marketed into schools. We’ve left chipsets far behind, for roly-poly and skid-steer toy tanks, is what they are. And in just the last month, the latest out of China is a programmable, steerable laser cannon. That’s not your kids’ STEM training in some future ‘Skynet became self-aware’, that’s your kids’ training program today.