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Call for 'Revolution' Still Reverberating as Sanders, Clinton Head Neck and Neck Into Indiana


Call for 'Revolution' Still Reverberating as Sanders, Clinton Head Neck and Neck Into Indiana

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

<p>Days ahead of Indiana's May 3 primary, a new poll shows Democratic presidential rivals Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton neck and neck while observers foresee the Vermont senator's impact being felt long after the nomination is secured.</p><p><a href="http://www.wsj.com/articles/donald-trump-holds-15-point-lead-ahead-of-re... to</a> the NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll, Clinton leads among li


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I am hoping that people will converge on the convention in July and remind the elites that this is our democracy and not just theirs. They have rigged the game over and over and they should think twice about forcing a candidate with an indictment hanging over her head and questions of judgement and corruption trailing behind her on the American people. The Dems and the repub elites have taken it upon themselves that they alone choose who runs for president but roughly half of US voters are independents. Holding closed primaries disenfranchises people and is crooked as can be considering the superdelegates shenanigans.

Occupy the convention in July … Show them that we care about our democracy!

That is my opinion on it! We all should protest the way this election has been rigged. It is shameful and disgusting that our government has tried to suppress voters.


Technically it is possible for Sanders to still get more unpledged delegates but he has let go hundreds of staff members, and Clinton will not be running ads in the remaining states with primaries and has shifted her campaign workers to the general election swing states. The demographics in this race has not changed since the beginning and there is no reason to expect a shift. But it does appear that win or lose Sanders has made a real impact on the Democratic Party. However, this impact did not translate into wins in Senate races in Pennsylvania and Maryland so one could argue that the majority of Democrats still prefer the Democratic establishment progressives on the far left of the party. The the effect of Sanders will probably be analyzed for many years.


It is funny how the media finally started to figure out Bernie’s secret sauce. He dislikes fat cat donors, crony capitalism, incipit bootlicking, endless triangulation, leading from the rear and endless war. Add to it, the embarrassing spectacle of the establishment and well I think you get the picture. Will anyone here ever forget the Congressional Black Congress selling out Bernie for someone who locked up 25% of the black population in the US. Just pathetic but then again we are talking the DNC and HRC. Don’t expect me to vote this fall. It’s Bernie or Bust.


hey, you got it within 3 minutes! they must have a good flagging system at the mothership.


if lesser evil politics win again–and it’s looking good for the home team!–then, no, it’s another dead “movement” co-opted by crafty Democrats. Hey, they managed to turn Occupy Wall St into Occupy Democrats! And that’s right after being the party that smashed Occupy up in the first place! They’re pretty good at this “snuffing out the hopes of the people” thing.
Already most liberal blogs are “pivoting” towards all Trump all the time. It begins. And in 4 months, even the most hardcore Sandernista will be swimming in images of Trump the Fuhrer and will have been persuaded that the very survival of western civilization itself will hinge on the prevention of a GOP win. And so forth, and so forth. Rinse and repeat.


I’ll take Trump over an already proven violent prone murderer any day. So would the ones she siccked the MIC on…if they were alive of course.


“Essentially, the next few weeks for the Sanders campaign are all about laying groundwork for the future of the progressive wing within the Democratic Party”: This would not be a very good move if true. Time to bid the Democrats good riddance.


Great article. There is another good one on Salon.com today everyone should read, even Hillary supporters. It’s by Paul Rosenburg and is called "Clintonism Screwed the Democrats How Bill and Hillary and the Democratic Leadership Council Gutted Progressivism. Catch it today it’s very informative. I there is any question in your mind about where the Democrats took their turn to the right this will answer them. Don’t vote for Hillary it’s time we reform the Demcratic party and Bernie has started it already.


Now for a different take on the math. Hillary will not have enough delegates going into the convention, there could be a fight in Philly.


with bernie all the way! GO BERNIE GO! looking forward to voting for him in California and then in the election as an independent candidate!


I’m sure. We have to watch for and see through the lies. She just spent a million bucks for internet trolls to hit the social media sites. They’re all over Huff Post and will be at a site near you soon, if not today.


Its time for Hillary to drop out of the race.


Common Dreams readers need to ask why Common Dreams has not for several weeks now mentioned a campaign among Sanders backers and among activists and leaders in the Green Party to get Sanders, if he loses the Democratic nomination, to accept the Green nomination at their convention in the first week of August and carry the fight to the General Election. See www.thiscantbehappening.net/node/3141, http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/04/29/the-push-to-make-sanders-the-green-partys-candidate/, or go to Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant’s petition at http://movement4bernie.org/run-all-the-way
The blackout of this effort to push Sanders not to endorse Hillary Clinton if he loses, but to run as a Green by not just the corporate media (which is to be expected) but by much of the so-called alternative media, is shameful.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


Neck in neck? For Sanders to win he has to be 20 points up.

As Obama joked you come to the diner and there is stake and fish, you can not write in anything else …reality bites


When people spell this poorly, it shows they don’t READ.

The term is insipid! boot-licking.


This is the beginning of the end to the 2-party strangle-hold.


I don’t know, what Andrea means by “still reverberating?”, I thought, that the revolution was only just starting! There may be a bit of a pause, while Bernie might still feel inexplicably obliged to live up to the agreement he made with the DNC, even though they screw hin every step along thw way in this campaign. After the November elections all deals are off! Bernie is still committed to carry on full bore. His wife, Jane says so here: …http://www.truthdig.com/avbooth/item/jane_sanders_says_her_husband_will_lead_a_national_movement_whether_or_not_
… and if my own family is anything to go by, what my wife says ‘is going to happen’ - WILL!

Bernie is a man who is honorable, “to a fault,” as many of us, who would rather see him do to the DNC, what they have done to him, would assert, but he also appears determined to follow through on his commitment he made to us, his followers,


Indeed it is the last tool short of violent revolution! Also know that those who want to maintain the status quo will bring violence upon those who dare to fight against their wage-slavery bonds. Quitting onesy twosey is ok but ur not allowed to do it all at once, that’s called organization and that’s a no-no. You were taught that unions: bad, right to (no) work: good but you must ask this question: from who’s perspective?