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Call Him Out. Call Him Out


Call Him Out. Call Him Out.

Bill C. Davis

The warning is out after today that both sides need to cool their rhetoric. But is it comparable? Trump is the one who believes guns are the answer. A good man with a gun would have solved Paris and Orlando attacks according to him. Trump is the one who had no idea who David Duke is. Trump is the one who publicly expressed his desire to punch someone in the face. Trump is the one who wants to waterboard and kill families of terrorists. The CEO of MMA will be a speaker at his convention!


Wonderful to see you back, Bill C. Davis! I always think of your "Generals: On Stage" use of double-entendre in Bush's run-up to war against several Middle Eastern nations.

This is wonderfully stated, too. And I, for one, am glad to see someone call all those self-professed Christians to the mat for supporting someone who makes light of so many profound prejudices. Words set the way for cruelty, acts of violence, and all-out war. And Trump certainly flashes those weaponized words with nonchalance. He's utterly removed from their impact, too:

"If Christian Republicans believe the invisible power of prayer will help the victims and survivors of gun violence the reverse has to be true. Trump offers up counter prayers. That invisible energy also has power. It takes the lid off. The fact that cameras and microphones are cocked his way is confounding. It certainly campaigns his counter prayers which contain the most ludicrous and insipid sentence fragments and logic."

P.S. Carnival barkers have a long storied history inside the U.S. These days their job is to sell that #1 product: War... hence the currency of charged antipathies.


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You don't give a flying cluck about racism or fascism. You jump at the chance of defending Trump every single day.

If you actually truly cared about the crimes of Clinton and Obama, you would of course care about the criminal in waiting, Donald Clucking Trump. (I'm trying to clean up my fowl tongue)


The guy can't even form a logical sentence. I can easily dismiss him. The level of his intelligence speaks through his slapdash sentence structure, if it could be called that.


Good cartoon. So that's how they do his hair.


Were we a sane country, Trump's bigotry would automatically disqualify him from the office.

But we are not.

We're a country where a lying warmonger owned by Wall Street is running against a bigoted narcissistic con man.

Institutional insanity vs. Individual insanity.

We're supposed to line up and dutifully choose one.


Stein 2016


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To you, "crazy" is not supporting the epic jerk Donald Clucking Trump, every single time anything critical is written about him.

now my disclaimer…

And once again. Yes Clinton is endangering world peace, yes she has a long track record of being a war criminal both indirectly and directly, yes she is likely to continue neocon driven policies of Global Hegemony that come from the bowels of PNAC et al, and yes that furtherance of those initiatives and agendas of those neocons is driving the world closer to a possible Nuclear confrontation with Russia.


The thought of Trump emancipating misogynists from any "political correctness" in regard to treatment of women, must be quite satisfying to you.

And no, I didn't just support Clinton's bogus claim that criticisms of her, particularly from "Bernie Bros", were criticisms necessarily rooted, in the brain rot of misogyny.