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'Call It a Crisis': New Report Details Failure of Cable and Network Outlets to Accurately Describe Climate Emergency

'Call It a Crisis': New Report Details Failure of Cable and Network Outlets to Accurately Describe Climate Emergency

Common Dreams staff

Name and shame.

That's the dual directive from a new report that calls on news organizations to use appropriate language when discussing the climate crisis—even as the report calls them out for inaction.


Which is sadder? The alleged disinterest by the public? Or the fact that the talking head won’t report anything for which the incentives aren’t high enough?

And which is the product of which? Just maybe, the fact that the networks have failed to raise the topic much less discuss its urgency, contributes to a poorly informed and less interested public?


You said it best. I’ll say it with a much harsher tone; the corporate media are whores of capitalism whose purpose is to intensify the profits of daily organisms of viewing/listening pleasure. They care not about the depressing reality of life as it now faces all of us; rather, they walk us down a path lined only with the deceptions in the windows that distract us from that reality. Call it bull shit at 6 pm.


Preservation of the Oil Economy is tantamount to Survival of the species.

Media live by the Dollar, not by the Best Interests of the People.

“Climate change” and “global warming” are emotionally relatively neutral terms to disconnect people from the urgency of the problem and its cause. Infrequent use of these words in MSM is not a coincidence. But these neutral terms are so 1990s. The problem is rapidly accelerating and MSM needs to catch up.

“PLANETARY HEATING” is the best phrase to describe this dynamic today.

All M$M fire anyone that doesn’t tow the 1% party line.

M$NBC has an especially terrible record of this:
Phil Donahue. Ed Schultz, Olberman, Cenk Uygue, Sam Sedar, etc, etc
It’s owned by Republicans but I suspect that 1% Dems would do the same these days. The walls are closing in.
The Media is not your friend. The owners are suicidal


Edward R. Murrow spoke truth back in the day.



Wouldn’t it be preferable to not be extinct and have poor ratings? As usual capitalists have their head forty fathoms up their asses. Its time we stopped watching this trash completely, every station listed, and started focusing on basic human survival.



shouldn’t that be; preservation of the Oil Economy is tantamount to the Extinction of the species ?


As if we needed any more evidence that the corporate media is a propaganda tool of the oligarchs.

The problem I have with yet another study, like this one, is that there will always be another one and another–that all more-or-less accurately tell us where we are and where we are heading. And we wring our hands and get pissed off and bemoan our fate…and never take any real, meaningful action to reverse it.


Alternately: "Thermal Extinction"


While I don’t disagree with the premise that words matter, on this or any other topic, it is far more important to look at the larger picture. Every one of these outlets have sports segments, business or finance segments or programs, etc. No matter what words are used, failing to have an Environment section, and Climate segment, is a far more powerful message of what matters, than any words used in disconnected and infrequent stories.


Global Warming was shifted from even that moderate not-very-threatening term to Climate "Change’ for a very good reason. It was even less threatening, to the point of people falling asleep.

Probably because ‘change’ is related to your tires (no big deal), or your baby’s diaper (nasty but still not much of a big deal), or your socks and underwear (which may be nasty but that’s your problem). WORDS MATTER!

Catastrophic Climate Collapse is appropriate. Or Total Climatic Chaos. Maybe Planetary Climate Destruction would do as well. Perhaps.

I’m sure there are a lot of descriptions of the reality we are experiencing (NO, it’s happening now not ‘in 2100’ so to not worry too much about it right now means to watch tv go shopping drink plenty of beer!

Anybody paying attention to the science should be scared nearly spitless at this point. Arctic, Antarctica, Greenland, all planetary glaciers, ocean acidification, Jet Stream… There is literally too much going off the rails to list and no I don’t care how many times Trump squeals about how smart he is. I’m a very fast touch typist speed reader with a good memory. I’d demolish him in a debate.

We are in deep, deep doo-doo and it is only going to get much, much worse much, much faster than ‘expected’ by the very conservative science community who never really wanted to rock the boat in their academic careers…A few did, they got creamed, and now they are turning out to be far more accurate than the others.

Scary reality, folks. It isn’t the future, it’s now. Want to vacation in Mozambique? Or Mexico City Florida? Or Puerto Rico? Or Paradise California (I hear property is cheap because it isn’t selling).



Well…if I’m permitted to use more than two words, I’d expand it to Global, Thermal, Biological Extinction or, simply, Global Biological Extinction; because, I believe the unwashed masses need to realize that living “things”, like humans, are definitely going to die. Imo, the other descriptors don’t necessarily connote that level of urgency to the non-scientist.

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It’s called the profit survival mentality .

Food for thought …

There is a saying in the cosmos: Eternal Life brings Eternal Peace

If, on the other hand ,you imagine that you have a limited time in which to experience what you desire to experience ,you will give up your peace to acquire it ,or hold onto it if and when you do acquire it.

This is the story of humanity in fifty words and less.Life as an HEB is felt as an eternal reality.

From Awaken The Species …A New and Unexpected Dialogue O

I’m wondering what determines the ratings, actual count of individual people reading, or PTB.

The public would be more responsive if it were explained which beachfront hotels are gonna be underwater, which ski resorts are gonna be defunct, what the general increase in hurricane winds has been in the last few years, …
Media is pussyfooting around too much. Be more graphic. Provide DETAIL.
Those glossies which talk about the aberrant snows this year should include average highs across the rest of the country, but they don’t because they are intended to give false hope.


This from the "independent uk environment " section:

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I would expect that when ice melts and that cold, cold water moves into the ocean and circulates around, there is some decrease in ocean temperature in that area. Thus the rate of ocean warming that you often here in climate reports hides a much more complex issue. That the oceans warm IN SPITE OF ice melting in it is very significant.
Perchance rapid ice melt is part of the instability of weather patterns that has become the new norm.

Agree. How about: the environment - “we are screwed”. That might spike their interest.

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