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'Call It a Crisis': New Report Details Failure of Cable and Network Outlets to Accurately Describe Climate Emergency

Yes helen. Complex being the operative word.

There will be no food problem in the long run. First you won’t have any, then the world won’t have you, and then, like I said, there will be no food problem for you to worry about.

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Most are already dead.


Here is some detail on this question.


Typically, during ocean circulation, cold water sinks. However, glacial runoff is fresh water, which means it is less dense than seawater, and the reduced density allows the cold water to stay near the surface, where it cools the water as you’ve suggested. Thus, Europe may experience some cooling during the peak of melting. After that…


I’m worried my flesh might be toxic to scavengers. PCBs, plastic, a legacy of invented chemicals, pesticides… On the plus side, some scavenger will definitely get a dose of cannabinoids!

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Way to go!!!

Yes EdsNote, I’ll agree with you that we are not healthy meat to eat with all the man-created substances layered throughout our bodies. Fatty tissue really sucks up the nastiest of it but we are a walking poison timebomb with all these synthetics. Even the cannibals won’t be eating healthy… DDT is still in most people tissues even though it’s been banned in the US (but sold to other countries and we import food from them), and Dioxin and PCBs and all the pesticides and herbicides and fungicides (which, when added all together probably means suicide by slow means). Who actually has a complete list of all this crap?

At least the THC and CBD in our bodies might make the scavengers a bit more calm, eh? Or does it affect them as it does us? I’m germinating the legal garden at the moment… :smile:

Failure of the MSM isn’t really a failure. They know what they are not reporting.There’s a purpose behind the madness. Profit!

Want really bad Arctic news go to arctic news blogspot where about 15 of the top scientists have gathered together to post individually and together under the name ‘sam carena.’ I will warn that there isn’t a bit of the science being posted there that will make you sleep better. Most of these people were the ones that were ostracized by the conservatives and labeled ‘alarmists.’

Their being able to now say “I told you so” isn’t really worth much at this point I’m afraid. We’re all in this sinking boat, ya know?

We will never, for the rest of our lives, hear anything good about what is happening with the climate or weather. There is only one direction this is all going, and it isn’t going to end well for our species. Not to mention all the others that we are taking down with us.

And then there are the 500 or so nuclear reactors that will melt down when we are gone and spew their radioactive poisons for…however long it takes. The planet may recover but those will be influencing biology for a very long time…

On that note, I’ll just remind you all the Olympics are coming next year in…Fukushima! Where the dirt glows at night so the athletes won’t need lights to see. Every rain washes more down into the valleys…and yet there is still a million sq. mile human exclusion zone around Chernobyl which wasn’t nearly as bad as Fukushima’s ongoing multiple meltdowns that aren’t being reported on anymore.

We are not an intelligent species.