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'Call It the Oppression of the Supermajority': Americans Eager for Bold Change, So Why Can't They Get It?

'Call It the Oppression of the Supermajority': Americans Eager for Bold Change, So Why Can't They Get It?

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Most Americans support Medicare for All, higher taxes on the rich, a Green New Deal, and other major items on the progressive agenda—so why has Congress failed to enact them?


And what will ‘Mercans do about it besides whining?

‘Industry groups’ and ‘donor interests’ are not “combined” – they are one and the same thing.  Industries and their Fat-Cat owners ARE the donor class, and they now own outright 9944/100% of “our” represent­atives in both the state and national governments.   Why? — See Emphyrio’s comment below . . .


The short answer? Most progressives do not need any answer.

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They cannot get “bold change” because of the power of money and those that control it! The SCOTUS decision that equated money with “free speech” is obviously skewed toward wealth rather than actual free speech and the concept of "One Person, One Vote, that their so-called Citizens United decision makes a mockery of…the rule of the 1% was enshrined by that astonishingly wrong 5-4 decision…the courts right-wing majority of Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas and Alito got so predictably wrong for the people and right for their “conservative” political cronies and big-money clients!

The public (and Congress) must now fight like Hell to reverse that decision and return the electoral processes to the people, rather than the power of wealth…if they actually give a damn!

Stevens, Ginsburg, Breyer, and Sotomayor got it right as we are seeing so definitively today. the power of money has overridden the will of the people! The dissenting opinion by Justice Stevens told it like it was, and has increasingly become! "He argued that the Court’s ruling “threatens to undermine the integrity of elected institutions across the Nation. The path it has taken to reach its outcome will, I fear, do damage to this institution.” He added: “A democracy cannot function effectively when its constituent members believe laws are being bought and sold.” The majority of the Con Court did not fully consider the “appearance of corruption” in elections" Justice Stevens wrote.

https://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/08-205.ZX.html Justice Steven’s dissent in full


Paid Lobbying needs to be ended. Fairness act needs to be restored. Public financing of campaigns needs to happen. League of Women Voters need to be put back in charge of debates. Trump needs to be led out of the white house in handcuffs followed by most of his staff. Congress needs to be swept clean and we need to have a new constitution which will eliminate the electoral college and reform the Senate to reflect a democracy. We need radical change. Also, let’s get some poor and working class people in our halls of government - not just lawyers and elitists.


All good points, but I’d hold off on any constitutional convention until AFTER congress has been swept clean of the stooges of the donor class.  BAN Lawyers from holding office, as all they do is write compli­cated laws that give their fellows something to argue about so they can charge outrageous fees, and we need more, actually, a LOT more, scientists in office — or at least more people in congress with a basic understanding of science and ability to deal with FACTS, not opinions.


And Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) effectively called out one of those who recklessly influence our foreign and domestic policies.


Get a 2nd or 3rd job? Protest wearing a bandana while walking on a public thoroughfare and get charged with a felony and/or shot with rubber bullets and tear-gassed? Drive 3000-4000 miles and spend $2000 bucks to attend a rally at our nation’s capital, organized by gatekeepers and political consultants? Bring yet another discrimination lawsuit and spend 10 years watching it being " slow walked " through a byzantine and captured court system?
Or, give your cash away to a mega-church false prophet preaching " prosperity is just around the corner "; who’s later indicted for sexually abusing young children, fraud and tax evasion?
Politely ask the British to try and burn down Washington D.C., again?


Seems like the primary reason why they can’t (and won’t) get it is…the corporation itself. The corporation’s only mission is to increase shareholder value, at any and all (societal) costs.


That is metaphorically what we the 99% need to do, because like your excellent post points out everything else has been tried and nothing else has seemed to worked for the 99%.


I would call it international corporate capitalist capture. They bought it, they own it they, get what they want.


Bingo. The modern corporation was literally invented to carry out colonization – the Dutch East India Company was the first publicly traded, investor-owned corporation.

Here’s what i just posted in the thread on the financial transactions tax:

i appreciate the intention of proposals to regulate capital, such as the financial transactions tax. But, it has been proven, repeatedly, for centuries, that capital will break the bonds of its regulation, and return like a zombie to loot at the trough of every available resource. Capital will always twist money, finance, and “investment” to serve as locations for looting.

This particular modern technological practice is widely known and understood – to use the micro-second that it takes electronic information to travel across wires or wireless networks as a space to leap in and NOT “invest” but instead raise the cost of investment and skim the difference – blatantly unproductive “rent-seeking” behavior that adds zero to “the economy” but only serves to funnel ever-more of humanity’s wealth into fewer and fewer hands. The only reason it’s “controversial” to address this blatantly unproductive practice is that these phony “investors” own and operate the “democracy” that supposedly “regulates” them.

Instead of endlessly hamster-treadmill “regulating” capital, we need to abolish it. We need to abolish “shares in corporations.” We need to abolish the for-profit, investor-owned, limited-liability corporation. We need to operate the economy on entirely different principles than looting, colonizing, exploiting, cost-externalization, profiteering, rent-seeking. Greed is NOT good.

The point we have reached with colonization and cost-externalization, has the entire ecology beginning to dis-integrate, and the greed-drunk monster egos can’t even look at it.


Yup, Americans are Cowards and refuse to fight, so they do Sit-Ins.

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I read with baited breadth to see who the esteemed academic was going to blame for the absence of representation in government. I was happy to see that he nailed it on the head, but as others have posted here already, this was not nothing new to any real Progressive out there.
To get rid of corporate sponsored candidates in government is probably the biggest challenge all of us will face in the next few years. If we lose, it’s the end of life on the planet, but if we win, it is the birth of representative democracy. The only thing the ‘super majority’ has going in its favour, are the sheer numbers the oppressed represent. But as history has shown, the wealthy can hire a relatively small percentage of the ‘super majority’ to intimidate and even wage war against their friends, brothers and sisters just for the promise of a quick pay check.
I have no idea of how it is going to turn out, but I’m sticking with the 99%!


Capture of government by the wealthy predates Citizen United by centuries.

You want to advance the will of the supermajority? Try massive work stoppages, boycotts, and divestiture. Then be ready to move on to citizen-owned co-ops, farms, and a much more sustainable approach to resource allocation.

And do it soon. Climate chaos is about to blow our houses down.


What I’m reading here is typical. Most commenters are evading the question as usual…except for a few who know what must be done. We know who the Enemies are that have been destroying us. The only answer is direct Retaliation. That’s the only thing that will work and the only thing we have not done yet. Don’t care how much flack or double talk that will come my way, but expect a response from me to all Cowards that reply.

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webwalk: Spot-on. Your description is the ultimate macrocosm. It is precisely the number one answer to “…why can’t they get it?”

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'Merica doesn’t ‘work’ primarily because it is a concoction of 50 fiefdoms which in turn are divided into thousands of petty fiefdoms. If you want real change then join your local secession movement or start one. You could find yourself in a new polity with the makings of a social democracy or if not, not too far from a reasonably working one.

"Capture of government by the wealthy ". ‘Capture’? Maybe you mean ‘establishment’?