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Call It ‘Unileaderism’: Trump’s Foreign Policy of One


Call It ‘Unileaderism’: Trump’s Foreign Policy of One

John Feffer

In the wake of the disastrous G7 meeting in Canada and the successful summit in Singapore, it’s hard to know what to call U.S. foreign policy these days.

It’s not just unilateralism, where Washington acts alone and allies be damned. Nor is it merely unipolarism, in which the United States targets all hegemonic challengers in an effort to preserve its position as the world’s dominant military and economic power.

Let’s coin a new term: unileaderism.


Trump: All hair, no cattle…


Cult 45 are Trump’s cattle, having no desire to leave the corral until they are herded into the loading chute by their cowboy hero…


“The G7 represents the international order commitment to free trade. It has been spectacularly ineffective in addressing global poverty, inequality and climate change.” This roughly edited quote is closest to my belief about global trade; that its dependence upon fossil fuels is a threat to the world’s ecosystems on which all life depends and that it exploits 3rd World subsistence living labor. It also benefits the largest manufacturers of mass produced goods to the detriment of small and medium-scale economies which require the least fuel/energy for manufacturing and distribution. The global economy should be minimized, that is, the essential commodities which cannot be produced within a state or nation can remain a product of global trade. Every nation ought develop an economy that can be sustained without global trade. Otherwise, globalization only becomes more and more a colonial system of control with in-state military (extremists) more loyal to international business interests (paychecks) than to country. Lastly I’ll add that air travel can be considered a part of the global economy, but it’s a luxury, not a necessity, no matter how tourism and “business-vacation” industry interests would have us believe otherwise. If and when any major disruption of oil supply occurs, air travel will be curtailed first. We’d best prepare for this eventuality. It may be what the ruling class international order is actually plotting as a means of genocidal population control. Trump’s fake movie trailer hinted that this was their motivation.


If nothing else Trump has demonstrated the importance of advisors when dealing with foreign policy. If anyone wondered if they were really needed wonder no more. In a year and a half Trump has managed elevate the influence of Russia and China in the world to levels neither country could have possibly imagined a couple of years ago. Every country needs relations with other countries and if a country can’t count on the US they are going to search for countries they can count on. He has also elevated the status of perhaps the worst dictator in the world, Kim Jung-un. In Trump’s foreign policy human rights are thrown out the window. The truth is also thrown out as well. And if that weren’t bad enough the State Department has been largely emptied of experienced people. When it comes to war Trump has increased the number of US troops in Afghanistan. He continually aids the Saudis in their bombing of Yemen. He has about 2,000 troops in Syria and it is hard to know what if anything is being accomplished there. He moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem which led to the Gaza protests with disastrous consequences. Basically he has created a mess and probably does not understand all the damage he has done and of course has no strategy going forward.


Connect the dots to World War III. Tra-la-la-lah.


International affairs “a’ la backwoods-hick.” I suppose there had to be a time when the Walmart crowd got to run things. Okay, so some are rich.


Hey assholes, read this, goddamnitall.
Ruling class subordinates without a clue.
Let’s go on vacation! Wheee!